Ryanair Boeing 737-800 in In-Flight Emergency

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

LONDON – A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 is currently in an in-flight emergency whilst operating FR7473 between Eindhoven and Porto.

FR7473 is currently being operated by EI-DWE, one of the airline’s older Boeing 737-8AS aircraft.

The aircraft looks like it is diverting to Bordeaux at this present time.

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UPDATE #1 @ 1101 UK time – FR7473 is currently at 7,750 feet and descending. The aircraft is squawking 7700.

UPDATE #2 @ 1104 UK time – FR7473 is cruising at 7,000 feet currently.

UPDATE #3 @ 1106 UK time – Passing 6,000 feet now.

UPDATE #4 @ 1108 UK time – Passing 4,000 feet now, looking to turn onto final shortly.

UPDATE #5 @ 1110 UK time – FR7473 has descended to 3,000 feet.

UPDATE #6 @ 1111 UK time – FR7473 is now on its final approach to Bordeaux Airport.

UPDATE #7 @ 1113 UK time – FR7473 less than 1,000 feet to go.

UPDATE #8 @ 1114 UK time – FR7473 has landed safely in Bordeaux. AviationSource has approached Ryanair for a comment on this particular incident.

UPDATE #9 @ 1731 UK time – Ryanair have responded to our media inquiry. They have said the following:

“This Ryanair flight from Eindhoven to Porto (11 Oct) diverted to Bordeaux after a passenger became ill on board. The crew called ahead to request medical assistance on arrival, the aircraft landed normally and the passenger disembarked and was met by medics. This flight continued to Porto a short time later and arrived safely at 1:55pm. Ryanair apologises to passengers for this short delay.”

This is a developing story.

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