easyJet Flight London Gatwick to Luqa Declares Emergency

An easyJet flight operating from London Gatwick to Luqa (MLA) has declared an emergency whilst en route.

The flight is currently initiating a diversion to Lyon, France. Updates to follow.

1 month ago17/06/24

Diversion to Lyon (LYS)

Having declared a general emergency with squawk code 7700 in the cruise, flight UA28761 is currently initiating a backtrack and diversion to nearby Lyon.

The nature of the emergency prompting the unscheduled diversion is not yet known. Having declared the emergency from FL370, the aircraft is now on descent for the diversion airport.

1 month ago17/06/24

Update 09:15 UTC

Having established for the diversion to Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS), flight UA28761 is now on descent and passing through 3,000 feet on approach.

The flight has maintained transponder code 7700 as emergency priority for the approach and landing.

1 month ago17/06/24

Landing Lyon (LYS)

Having declared an emergency en route to Luqa (MLA) from London Gatwick (LGW) this morning, easyJet flight U28761 has now landed at the diversion airport Lyon (LYS).

1 month ago17/06/24

Update 09:28 UTC: Medical Emergency

Per advice from the online reporting source Flight Emergency, flight U28761 made the decision to divert to Lyon (LYS) this morning due to a medical emergency onboard.

1 month ago17/06/24

Flight Details

Flight data shows easyJet flight U28761 departed London Gatwick airport this morning at 07:43 local time. This was a delayed departure, with scheduled departure time of 06:30 local time.

The flight had then proceeded normally until transiting the southern France region. Flight crew then conducted the diversion to nearby Lyon.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 2 Min Read
2 Min Read
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