easyJet Flight Barcelona-Belfast Declares Emergency

An easyJet A319 approaching to land.
ERIC SALARD from Paris, FRANCE, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An easyJet flight from Barcelona to Belfast declared an emergency whilst approaching Belfast International Airport earlier this morning.

easyJet flight U27193, an Airbus A319-100 inbound from Barcelona El Prat airport declared a general emergency with squawk code 7700, whilst on all descent into Belfast.

easyJet U27193 Barcelona-Belfast

Flight track of easyJet U27193 from Barcelona to Belfast.

The flight had transited Irish airspace and was in the final stages of its descent to the north of Dublin when the emergency was declared.

The reason for the emergency declaration is not yet known. The aircraft had passed through flight level FL190 (19,000 feet), and continued with its approach into Belfast International Airport.

Flight track of easyJet U27193 from Barcelona to Belfast.

The flight subsequently landed without further incident.

Flight Details

Flight data shows that the U27193 scheduled service made an on-time departure out of Barcelona El Prat airport (BCN) at 07:54 local time this morning.

The flight then set because normally for Belfast, claiming to flight level FL380 for the northerly service to Ireland.

Flight crew carried out the top of descent normally, and subsequently squawked transponder code 7700 at 0759 UTC in the latter stage of the descent.

An easyJet A319 approaching to land.

The aircraft conducting the U27193 rotation to Belfast was an Airbus A319-100, registered OE-LQP.

This is a 15.4 year old narrowbody aircraft belonging to the carrier easyJet. It has been in service with the airline since its initial delivery in February 2009.

Originally registered G-EZFD, the aircraft was deployed to the easyJet Europe division in February 2018.

Belfast International Airport, formerly known as Aldergrove Airport, is the primary airport serving Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is located approximately 11.5 nautical miles northwest of Belfast city center.

Here’s some information about the airport:

  • IATA code: BFS
  • Second busiest airport on the island of Ireland after Dublin Airport
  • Busiest airport in Northern Ireland
  • 10th busiest airport in the United Kingdom by passenger numbers (over 5.9 million in 2023)
  • Hub for airlines like easyJet, Woodgate Aviation, MyTravel Airways, and First Choice Airways
  • Offers flights to over 70 domestic and international destinations.

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