American Airlines Boeing 787 Declares Emergency over Scottish Isles, Diverts to Glasgow

LONDON – An American Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner has declared an emergency in the last few minutes over the Scottish Isles.

AAL71 between Frankfurt and Dallas Fort Worth has been seen turning back towards the United Kingdom following the 7700 squawk transmission.

Data from shows that the aircraft is descending in the direction of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Update 12:01 UK Time: The aircraft has entered the Scottish Mainland overhead Inverness at 21000ft.

Update 12:05 UK Time: It is reported the aircraft is diverting to Glasgow.

Update 12:07 UK time: AA71 is currently passing through 10,600 feet at this present time, with Glasgow looking the most likely at present due to its current track.

Update 12:09 UK time: reporting that the aircraft is, in fact, diverting to Glasgow, offering the confirmation needed.

Update 12:10 UK time: Initial reports of electrical burning in the aircraft.

Update 12:16 UK time: AA71 is on the base leg into Glasgow as it gets ready to complete its diversion.

Update 12:18 UK time: AA71 is on final approach into Glasgow Airport, landing imminently.

Update 12:24 UK time: AA71 has landed safely back in Glasgow. Unclear at this time when the flight will be continuing onto DFW.

Update 12:39 UK time: Someone has caught footage of the aircraft overhead as it turned towards Glasgow from Orkney.

Update 12:45 UK time: @CONRADGOODMAN5 on Twitter has sourced a photo of AA71 when it landed at Glasgow with the fire truck present.

Update 12:55 UK time: @danielfrost759 reporting with a shot of the aircraft arriving at Stand 37 at Glasgow, with fire crews escorting it.

This is a developing story.

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