HondaJet Just got Better – The HondaJet Elite S

Photo: The New HondaJet Elite S; photo credit; HondaJet
HondaJet Elite S; Photo Credit: HondaJet

LONDON – One of the world’s most popular light jet categories Honda Jet just got better. Honda Jet introduced the HondaJet Elite S. The elite version was eventually revealed 9 months ago at the company’s virtual product launch but has been gaining fanfare before the EBACE 2022 in Geneva.

The HondaJet Elite S, includes a full-service galley, private lavatory with an optional belted seat, and an industry-first Bongiovi sound system. In comparison to the previous version of the Honda Jet, the upgraded Elite S variant’s max take-off weight has been increased by 200 pounds, enough for an added 120 nautical miles of range or an additional passenger during a flight. This gives more flexibility to prospective clients.

Honda Focuses on Single Pilot

The Elite S cockpit design is well suited for a single-pilot operation or owner-flown operations like its predecessor variant. The upgraded Elite series includes the Garmin G3000 avionics suite and FAA DataComm and ACARS have been added to replace traditional voice commands with text-based messaging. Resulting in a user-friendly interface system for pilots. Furthermore, its avionics systems also complement the newly integrated steering augmentation system, reduce pilot workload and enhance safety for missions in specific weather conditions according to the manufacturer.  On the cosmetic aspects or exterior design, the Elite S paint scheme introduces a new design with exclusive paint options and new colours, giving new owners the to tweak and customise their plane.  

The Honda Jet Elite S is being showcased alongside its stretched version of the HondaJet 2800 concept jet and another award-winning jet. Last year, Honda Jet delivered 37 HondaJet HA420s last year, which is the most sold aircraft in the very light jet category for five years in a row. 

Last year alone, HondaJet achieved its impressive milestone of handing over the 200th HondaJet by year’s end. This means that the fleet flight hours have surpassed 100,000 hours. The HA420 received certification from Thailand, the 14th country to do so for this type alone. The company now has sales and service representatives across Europe, North America, South America, South East Asia, China, the Middle East, India, Japan and Russia. 

Honda Jet now has a new president and director Hideto Yamasaki after Michimasa Fujino retired from the post. 

The HondaJet 2600 – The Other Elite S 

Honda Jet coiled the HondaJet 2600 as “the next generation of business jet,” last year NBAA-BACE in October 2021 at NBAA-BACE. The aircraft supposedly has a range of 2,625 nautical miles and would be the first light jet to be able to perform nonstop transcontinental flights in the United States. The aircraft can carry 11 passenger aircraft with a max take-off weight of 17,500 pounds. 

The Honda Jet is a shake-up to the very light jet category. This should send a signal to aircraft like Embraer Phenom 100, Cessna Mustang and Eclipse 500 that Honda Jet may gain even more market share in the segment. The introduction of the Elite S and the stretched 2600 series will allow Honda Jet to become even more competitive. 

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