What Is It Like Onboard Lufthansa’s Boeing 787?

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MUNICH & FRANKFURT – Lufthansa has recently introduced the Boeing 787 to its fleet. We ask the following question: What is it like onboard?

AviationSource writer and photographer Joris Wendt got onboard a Business Class flight between Munich and Frankfurt earlier last month.

So without further ado, let’s get into it…

Trip Report: Lufthansa Boeing 787 Business Class from Munich to Frankfurt

Back in early 2022, when it was first announced that Lufthansa will operate their new Boeing 787’s between Munich and Frankfurt, I immediately planned a trip to fly the 787 in October/November.

When the schedule for the 787 flights was announced, I immediately searched for a trip that included flying the 787.

After a long search, I found a cheap trip from Berlin, to Frankfurt, to Munich via Helsinki, then on to Frankfurt with the 787, and back to Berlin.

This trip was around 400€ cheaper than flying from Berlin to Frankfurt via Munich and back to Frankfurt, but it included two more flights upfront.

This is why I decided to take a short detour to Helsinki in the end. Come join me on Lufthansa’s newest aircraft from Munich to Frankfurt in Business Class.

Airline: Lufthansa
Route: MUC-FRA
Class: Business Class
Registration D-ABPA
Seat number: 6A
Flight number: LH113
Date: 20.11.2022

Arrival Into Munich…

I arrived at Munich airport at around 7 am from Helsinki, leaving me with a 9-hour layover in Munich.

Right after leaving the A320neo that brought me to Munich, I headed straight to the Lounge, which was right across the aisle from my gate.

The lounge was nothing spectacular, the food selection was decent, the staff was friendly and efficient, and the drink selection was mediocre.

I spent most of the time sleeping in one of the multiple Recliners offered, which were quite comfortable.

Boarding: The Hard Product…

With lots of sleep, 9 hours passed by very quickly, and I soon made my way to the gate where I could admire the beautiful Boeing 787, which was just a couple of weeks old at the time of the flight.

Lufthansa received 2 787’s this year, with 3 more to be delivered within the next year or two. These were originally planned to be delivered to Hainan Airlines.

Due to this, the aircraft features the Business Class that Hainan originally ordered, but nonetheless, it is a big upgrade compared to the current Business Class offering from Lufthansa.

Boarding was nothing spectacular, though the crew seemed generally excited to be working on the 787. I paid for Economy Class and Premium Economy Class for a quick visit before making my way to my seat.

The 787-9 offers 294 seats spread across three cabins. Business Class features 26 seats in a 1-2-1 reversed herringbone configuration with all-aisle access.

The Premium Economy features 21 recliner chairs in a 2-3-2 configuration, and the Economy Class offers space for 247 passengers in a 3-3-3 configuration.

The cabin design has been changed by Lufthansa, with many of the cabin finishes now in the typical Lufthansa Design, with rarely anything making it visible that this plane was once set to be delivered to Hainan.

Seats in Business Class offer a decent amount of privacy. From your seat, you can barely see any other passengers in their seats.

All window seats face away from the aisle, which felt a little weird to me during taxi and takeoff. The seats recline to a 180° fully flat bed, as advertised by Lufthansa.

Due to the headrest standing out a lot, it felt more like a slide than like a fully flat bed, in my opinion. In bed mode, the seat is very comfortable, offering sufficient space, even for taller people.

The armrest on the aisle side can be lowered, which increases the surface area of the seat when in a lie-flat position but also makes it easier to get out during the meal service

The seats also offer lots of storage space, with two storage bins on the opposite side of the aisle and a storage bin on the aisle side, which can also be lowered and raised to offer more space.

Shoes and/or a backpack can be stowed under the footrest.

The seat also features IFE screens which also include an updated Entertainment system and a better resolution.

The IFE screens are very responsive and brighter than the old IFE screens. The selection of movies and music was sufficient. I especially liked the Inflight Map.

Departure from Munich: The Onboard Service…

Soon after I was done checking out my seat, we pushed back and made our way to the runway for a speedy takeoff toward Frankfurt.

We were up in the air within a matter of seconds and climbed above the clouds fast, which allowed for some nice views of the sunset above Bavaria.

As soon as we climbed through the clouds, the crew kicked off the service and distributed meal trays to Business Class passengers, which consisted of a piece of cherry cake, which I found quite appropriate for an afternoon flight.

The cake was tasty and anything but dry. It came with some cream which I appreciated. Soon after I started eating, the crew passed by with some drinks; I chose a Gin Tonic and a Prosecco to celebrate the occasion and flushed it down with water.

I enjoyed the views of the sunset as we had already started our descent into Frankfurt.

The Final Verdict: It’s A Competitive Product…

The flight was just not long enough!

Lufthansa finally has a competitive product out on the market, which they’ve needed for a while. The seats offered more space than expected and made my stay on board very enjoyable.

The crew went above and beyond to show all cabin features to the passengers; during the service, their excitement to work on this new airplane was visible.

Overall I found the new aircraft to be a much-needed update.

The modern and stylish finishes, as well as the 1-2-1 configuration, were just what Lufthansa needed. The composition of the crew and aircraft was just perfect and made for a memorable flight.

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