The AviationSource Roundtable Is Live!

LONDON – In 30 minutes, AviationSource goes live on our website for the AviationSource Roundtable.

Hello and welcome to The AviationSource Roundtable. Mediated by Editor-in-Chief James Field, this roundtable will go over some of the most pressing issues currently being confronted by the aviation industry.

They are:

  • The Ukraine Crisis & How to Adapt?
  • A Post-Pandemic Future – Back to Normalcy?
  • Net-Zero by 2050 – Is This Achievable?
  • What Is The Rest of the Decade Going to Look Like for Aviation?

Jade Kirwan, Ryanair’s Head of Communications, and Deepak Agarwal, the Head of Research and Consulting at Stratview Research, will join us to discuss these topics.

Below, you can watch the live stream of the roundtable, which will begin at 6 pm UK time tonight!:

We hope you enjoy this roundtable!

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