New Airline Ranking Tech Uses AI To Empower Airline Customers

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LONDON – DataScalp, the first online platform dedicated to capturing consumer airline travel attitudes announced its launch this week. The platform reveals new consumer trends and sentiments on cancellations, delays, baggage handling, ticket refunds and more.

The crowdsourced data will be used to inform both consumers and airlines. Consumers will be empowered to report their experiences to not only aid other travelers, but also to assist airlines in gathering data on potential areas for improvement. 

 Platform capabilities:

  • Consumers enter quantitative data that is analyzed by AI.
  • Performance-based airline rankings using consumer data. 
  • Informs corporate action by pinpointing specific performance improvement opportunities.
  • Helps airlines better optimize services.

DataScalp management statement 

“Despite the availability of social listening, surveys, the Better Business Bureau and focus groups, businesses still struggle to understand the voice of the customer. DataScalp solves this issue by providing a revolution in consumer-driven data that provides the highest level of analysis and corporate response,” said Dwight Harris, Jr., founder and CEO of DataScalp. 

The new online feedback platform looks to put the power back in the corner of the consumer – in this case the airline customer – in order to shape performance. There’s a huge disconnect between what businesses think their customers want and what customers really want,” adds Harris.

“Consumers should be empowered to report the degree of performance of one company versus another, selecting and rewarding good performers versus avoiding and punishing poor performers. Nowhere is this required more than in the airline industry.”

An updated performance data stream

Using DataScalp, airline customers can contribute and access crowdsourced performance data about individual companies which can inform their pre-purchasing decisions. The DataScalp platform continuously captures and refreshes consumer input throughout the day.

This continuous stream of data provides highly nuanced insights about corporate behavior and a simple dashboard of insights for both consumers and corporations.

Organizations such as airlines will additionally benefit by having nuanced data that allows greater service optimization, such as maximizing the ROI of seat inventory via dynamic pricing.

Just in time for the travel season, the DataScalp platform allows consumers to enter quantitative data on airlines that is analyzed by AI to rank the various companies.

DataScalp also directs corporate action by pinpointing specific performance improvement opportunities. For airlines, that includes such data as the number of late versus on-time arrivals, whether compensation for travel interruptions is generous or meager, and the impacts unscheduled maintenance have on travelers.

For many other businesses, it’s details about customer experience, behavior and priorities.

The voice of the customer

“Capturing the voice of the customer is the single highest corporate priority for firms looking to maximize revenues and minimize costs,” said Harris. “Unfortunately, customer survey responses range between 5% to 30%, which means at least 70% of the customer base does not respond.”

“DataScalp solves the issue by relying on predictable consumer behavior – consumer complaints. We connect the dots using machine learning and statistical theory.”

With DataScalp, consumers can purchase flights based upon both price and business performance. They can also reward or penalize airlines for their own experiences, which is more data that’s factored into the company’s rankings.

“DataScalp will ultimately help businesses improve by uncovering data that has been elusive for years,” said Harris. “DataScalp is a game-changer for consumers and the airline industry overall.”

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