Embraer’s Undisclosed E195-E2 Order: Who Will It Be?

Photo Credit: Embraer

LONDON – As Embraer announces an undisclosed order for five E195-E2 aircraft this week, let’s get into the whole “undisclosed” conversation.

It is understood that this $389.4 million deal will see the four aircraft delivered by the end of 2023, with the fifth in 2024.

With this being an undisclosed deal, Embraer didn’t really add much more to it without giving anything away about who the customer is.

What Is An Undisclosed Order?

Photo Credit: Embraer

An undisclosed order is generally a premature announcement made by the manufacturer to generate PR around them selling their jets.

What you find is that later down the line, the customer will be revealed. As deliveries will commence by the end of next year, we will find out the customer soon.

Some undisclosed orders are also kept in the back pocket of manufacturers when they are attending air shows, as that will give maximum exposure to them in the industry.

Unless it is a private customer, which is unlikely, we will know who the customer will be and where the aircraft will be going in due course.

Who Will The Customer Be?

Photo Credit: Embraer

The only clue that Embraer has given to us in the press release is that the undisclosed airline has “exciting new plans for future growth”.

Looking at the point that it is an order for five aircraft, this will likely be for a smaller carrier that is looking to expand its route network already.

As there are so many start-up carriers around the world, it’s actually quite difficult to pinpoint who the undisclosed airline is unless you work at Embraer, of course.

So, at this stage, you can’t exactly speculate on the exact airline, as that has been made deliberately through the language used in the press release by the Brazilian planemaker.

E2 Family Orders…

Photo Credit: Embraer

What we can tell you is where the E2 Family is up to in terms of orders and deliveries. Such information is based on their 3Q22 report sent to AviationSource a little while ago.

The E175-E2 hasn’t scored any orders as of yet, but its E175-E1 has accrued 817 firm orders, of which 714 have been delivered already.

As for the E190-E2, 20 firm orders were made, of which 17 deliveries have also been made, giving a firm backlog of 3 aircraft currently.

The E195-E2 is where the most sales have been made out of the E2 family. 227 firm orders have been made, and 39 have been delivered, leaving 188 aircraft in the backlog.

This means that the manufacturer has 191 E2 aircraft in the backlog, still to deliver. Although it’s quite healthy, the manufacturer needs to continue its sales momentum to keep up this pace.


Photo Credit: Embraer

It remains clear that this undisclosed order for the E195-E2 will no doubt generate some more sales momentum for Embraer moving forward.

As we go into 2023, Embraer will be looking towards the Paris Air Show to score some more orders off the back of a successful Farnborough Air Show back in July this year.

Either way, all eyes will be on Embraer to see how they get on going into the future.

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