Does Remote Australia Need The Eviation Alice?

Photo Credit: Eviation

LONDON – As the electric aircraft market begins to heat up, we ask the following question: Does remote Australia need the Eviation Alice?

Some areas in Australia are at least 150-250 miles away from major cities and infrastructure, which requires the need for commuter aircraft to help provide those vital links.

The question is specific in nature, yes. But there is a reason why we are asking this question. Without further ado, let’s get into it:

NTAS Signs LoI for 20 Alice Aircraft…

Photo: Eviation

Thursday saw Eviation announce the signing of a Letter of Intent with the Northern Territory Air Services (NTAS) for 20 all-electric Alice commuter aircraft.

This aircraft will empower NTAS to sustainably serve its customers in remote areas of Australia through the enhanced provision of point-to-point air transport.

Commenting on the deal was Ian Scheyer, the CEO of NTAS:

“Australia is recognized around the world for its breathtaking scenery, and adopting carbon-free technologies is fundamental to preserving the environment for future generations”.

“Eviation’s all-electric Alice aircraft provides us with the opportunity to chart a sustainable path forward in connecting communities across the country.”

“With the adoption of electric aviation, we will be able to provide cost-effective and convenient passenger and cargo flights across the outback.”

Also commenting on the deal was Gregory Davis, President, and CEO of Eviation:

“We value the forward-looking approach NTAS is taking to electrifying both passenger and freight transport services as well as promoting green tourism”.

“The introduction of sustainable technology to meet the needs of NTAS and its customers demonstrates the versatility of electric aviation and the ubiquitous opportunities for positive transformation through emissions-free regional air travel.”

“With world leaders currently meeting at the COP27 climate summit, I can think of no better time to highlight the power of this technology to help communities and the planet.”

Will This Work With The Climate?

As mentioned by Davis in his quotes, the COP27 climate summit has been used to place further pressure on world leaders to reduce their emissions.

With the aviation sector looking to go net-zero by 2050, NTAS would be able to reap the benefits of a better carbon footprint by using the Eviation Alice.

If you are looking away from the environment, NTAS would be able to use these aircraft to offer cheaper fares than competitors as electricity costs less than the normal Jet A1 fuel.

With the carrier catering to different groups of passengers too, this would also benefit the wider community, including businesses who need to travel as well as for tourism flights as well.

Given the vital services that they provide across Australia, it would make sense for NTAS to make operations cheaper, of which such savings can be passed onto the customer effectively.


It remains clear that through the numerous sales deals that Eviation has made for the Alice aircraft so far is that they are targeting the correct demographics to get the best sales output.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see where else Eviation wants to market the Alice aircraft, as they are currently on a good roll in selling as many units of the type as possible.

With the continuing pressure surrounding sustainability, Alice is enabling companies like NTAs to achieve net zero a lot quicker than the predicted industry average.

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