In Pictures: Incredible Photos From The Sanicole Airshow 2022 & Spottersday

Photo Credit: Joris Wendt/AviationSource

SANICOLE – Last weekend (September 10th – September 11th), the annual Sanicole Airshow took place in Leopoldsburg, Belgium.

Our photographers Emil Bree, Arash Abed, and Joris Wendt spent the weekend there acquiring photos of all of the military movements.

The Spotters Ticket offered a chance to also visit the Kleine Brogel Airbase and their Spottersday on Saturday. We all did so after arriving on Friday evening, or in the case of Joris, whose flights got canceled, on Saturday morning at 8:15 am, arriving in Brussels.

The team met at the trailer they rented and went to the airshow to Brogel early Saturday morning. Due to the bad weather, many displays were delayed to the afternoon.

The highlight for all of us was the F16 in the “Viper” livery performing a display. Following that, we were able to watch some decent displays from different display teams and nations.

Shortly before the end of the Spottersday, we got to see the F35 departing and flying over to Sanicole for a display.

The F16 Thunder Tigers also performed and displayed an awesome performance.

In the evening, we went to the Sanicole Sunset show, seeing a performance of the Air Belgium A330-900neo, the USAF F35, and the Turkish Stars.

The next day we arrived early in the morning at Sanicole; even though there was big traffic chaos, we arrived early enough to not miss anything important.

Highlights were the ITAF C-27 Spartan displays, as well as the BAF Thunder Tigers and the Air Belgium A330-900neo. Our personal highlight was the Swiss F-18.

All in all a successful airshow with lots of exciting traffic. We all got a decent amount of good shots and will forever look back at this airshow as a great weekend with friends.

Below, you can see a slideshow of all of the photos taken by Emil, Arash & Joris:

Emil’s Shots…

Arash’s Shots…

Joris’ Shots…

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