Farnborough Air Show 2022: ANTONOV Writes Public Letter to Organizers & Participants

Photo Credit: Harrison Rowe/AviationSource

FARNBOROUGH – The ANTONOV Company has issued a public letter to organizers and participants of the Farnborough Air Show, thanking those for their support.

The letter reads:

“For many years our enterprise was among permanent participants of glorious Farnborough International Airshow, one of the most known and influential events of the aerospace world, the place of important meetings and negotiations, signing agreements aiming to develop and strength international cooperation and improve global aviation industry.

This year ANTONOV Company does not take part in Farnborough fair because of Russian armed aggression to Ukraine. Russian troops brought many terrible destroys and grief to Ukrainian people.”

“Their actions affected to the ANTONOV Company and other enterprises of Ukrainian aviation field well. In particular, the AN-225 Mriya, the world’s biggest cargo aircraft, some other Antonov airplanes and infrastructure of the flight test base were destroyed. But nobody is able to destroy our aspiration to create and to fly!”

“Nevertheless, ANTONOV Company still exists and has proposals to remain in the global aircraft industry. We appreciate great support of our partners, friends from different countries!”

“We are sure, that after victory of Ukraine in the current bloody war, the world as a whole, our country and ANTONOV Company will enter in the new stage of progressive development and human achievements!

“Thank you for everybody who stays with Ukraine and ANTONOV in this difficult period! We will win together! Wish you peace, health and successful work in the name of peaceful sky and our planes’ happy future!”

Empty Without Antonov’s Presence…

Antonov’s presence at the Farnborough Air Show is normally an exciting thing. But without them, there is definitely conversation taking place about their AN-225 Mriya, that has been destroyed due to the Ukraine Crisis.

It would have been a site to see some of Antonov’s aircraft at the airshow, but obviously they are going to be needed for more important operations, or are stuck in Ukraine at present.

One thing we do know is that the Mriya will be rebuilt. Once it is, it will be amazing to potentially see it at airshows in the future.

Either way, the entire industry is behind Antonov in terms of support for when it comes to the Ukraine Crisis, and areas of the sector have helped.

Take Leipzig Halle Airport for example. Antonov are now basing their aircraft out of the German airport to help provide cargo links to the rest of the world.

Overall, Antonov will definitely be missed from the Farnborough Air Show and the other shows preceding it until the Mriya and other aircraft are rebuilt and replaced.

The Ukraine Crisis is definitely something that is being talked about, especially with the rising cost of fuel and other elements. And that is going to put a squeeze not just on ANTONOV, but the rest of the industry too.

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