A Unique Request?: Airbus Meets Customer Request for Vegan Helicopter Interior

Photo: Airbus

LONDON – As a rather unique announcement at the Dubai Air Show, Airbus has mentioned that its Corporate Helicopters team has completed a request for vegan helicopter interior inside the customer’s ACH145.

The customer in question was Dr. Urs Brunner, a German construction entrepreneur who insisted on this requirement at the urging of his wife, ethical fashion pioneer Daniela Brunner.

Its cabin is fitted with ACH’s clean and modern ACH Line interior configuration in a grey theme but the leather elements essential to its luxury feel are replaced with Ultraleather which captures the visual and tactile leather experience with comparable durability.

Photo: Airbus

Items that had to be specially designed and fabricated in the replacement material include the six-passenger seats, central storage cabinet, rear partition, and cockpit controls cuffs.

Ms. Brunner, the founding owner of specialist fashion house Giulia & Romeo, which has no animal products involved in its range and donates all its profits to animal welfare, wanted the helicopter to be consistent with her ethical values.

Head of ACH, Frederic Lemos, said: “We’re very proud of our team’s work in creating this bespoke ACH Line interior. The material that we used is certified for aviation use and is hard-wearing, but it can only be stretched in one direction which means it is a challenge to work with, particularly on the seats.

“This is where the craftsmanship of our hands-on team became crucial and I am delighted to say that we found a practical way to meet our customer’s desires which also looks superb.”

Dr. Brunner, an experienced helicopter and fixed-wing pilot, said: “We both greatly appreciate the skill and imagination that went into devising and installing this interior.”

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