Royal Mail To Establish New E-Commerce Hub at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

It has been revealed this week that Royal Mail will establish a new e-commerce hub at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.
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It has been revealed this week that Royal Mail will establish a new e-commerce hub at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

This is major news for the airport’s cargo operations, which will see significant benefits.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The New Deal Between Glasgow Prestwick Airport & Royal Mail…

Billy McCrorie / Glasgow Prestwick Airport Terminal via Wikimedia Commons.

It is understood Glasgow Prestwick Airport made a strong offer to Royal Mail through this new e-commerce hub.

Such an offer was made at half of the cost of landing at some UK hubs.

The airport has been focusing on securing cargo business in recent times.

Evidence that substantiates this view is through the £2.2m investment recently made in the following aspects:

  • Two extra-wide high loaders with 20 & 35 ton capacity respectively.
  • Heavy-duty pushback tractor capable of handling any aircraft type.
  • 12 new dollies.
  • New Rapiscan X-Ray machine.

It is clear that alongside the better offer, Royal Mail will also benefit from these facilities at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Both Sides Happy With This Partnership…

It has been revealed this week that Royal Mail will establish a new e-commerce hub at Glasgow Prestwick Airport.
M J Richardson via Wikimedia Commons.

Nico Le Roux, Development Director, Glasgow Prestwick Airport said the following on the deal signed at Air Cargo China 2024:

“We are confident that our new Fast and Efficient E-commerce Solution will offer customers real cost savings against other UK air cargo hubs, whilst also ensuring they meet their customer delivery-time promise”.

“We are a full in-house operation, from ground handling and warehouse handling, to fire services, and air traffic control, which allows us to offer greater flexibility.”

“Carriers only need to make one call to our operations line, and we take care of everything.”

“This streamlined process is a significant advantage.”

Adding to this was Royal Mail Director of Global Imports Vivian Davies:

“We are excited to be working with Glasgow Prestwick Airport to offer a cost-effective and efficient international e-commerce solution.

“Prestwick has no flight restrictions, congestion, or curfews on both inbound and outbound flights, offering round-the-clock availability, which is key for the fast turnaround needed in the e-commerce sector.

“Royal Mail is the UK’s leading last mile delivery provider offering a fully tracked service ensuring timely delivery within two to three days of parcels entering the UK.  

“By partnering with Prestwick, we are confident we can offer our existing and new international e-commerce customers an unbeatable service on both delivery time and cost.”


Photo Credit: Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

In conclusion, this represents strong news for Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Royal Mail is a big player in the mail and freight business, so this will no doubt put them on the map further.

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see how this new relationship develops, as well as details on flight offerings.

If all goes well, then this deal could get expansive, with the opportunities endless.

It’s all to play for at the Scottish airport.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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