Pushing Tin in a Pandemic – A Look at ATC Operations in the UK

Taken at Manchester International UK
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Like what you see? Consider subscribing! Between March 20th to April 30th, you can take advantage of our Launch Membership Deal, where you can get a 3-month subscription for just £5! LONDON - In the year generally held as the approximate centenary of Air Traffic Control. Martyn Cartledge looks at ATC operations in the UK and talks with NATS about its operations in the wake of COVID-19. Tucked away in large en route centers and behind the glass, we see in the Visual Control Rooms at the top of the world's airports ATC towers, are quiet and calm groups of men and women moving aircraft around the skies and airport ramps. But just how do they do this and how has the near annihilation of air traffic, not only in the UK, but around the
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