Pay Increases Secured for Edinburgh Airport Employees

Unite the Union has this week revealed more pay agreements made for employees at Edinburgh Airport.
Photo Credit: Edinburgh Airport.

Unite the Union has this week revealed more pay agreements made for employees at Edinburgh Airport.

This latest deal has been part of their Runway to Success strategy of securing more pay for workers.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Pay Deal for Edinburgh Airport Employees…

Photo Credit: Edinburgh Airport.

Unite the Union has negotiated a pay increase of 6.8% for 275 worked employed by Edinburgh Airport.

It is understood the pay increase was applicable from January 1, 2024, which represents a 18.8% pay increase in the last two years.

On top of this, shift pay will also increase by 6.8%, with overtime increasing from double time to time and three quarters.

Commenting on this further was Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham:

“Unite’s Runway to Success campaign across Scottish airports has well and truly taken off.”

“This is another good deal for our members at Edinburgh airport.”

“The message is clear to all airport workers, if you want better jobs, pay, and conditions then join Unite.” 

Adding to this was Mary Alexander, the union’s Scottish Deputy Secretary:

“Unite has secured another significant pay deal for our members at Edinburgh Airport Limited which operates the airport.”

“Hundreds of workers will now benefit from a string of better terms and conditions to their contracts including shift pay, access to the sick pay scheme along with a commitment to review the working rotas.”

The Runway to Success Strategy: Has It Worked?

Photo Credit: SKYTRAX.

The Runway to Success Strategy in Scotland has seen the following achievements from Unite:

  • 12 per cent basic increase in pay for Edinburgh Airport Services workers.
  • 10.9 per cent for OCS workers based at Glasgow airport.
  • 10 per cent pay rise for ABM workers at Glasgow airport.
  • 7.4 per cent for Menzies Aviation workers at Edinburgh airport and 6.8 per cent for their counterparts at Glasgow airport.
  • Union recognition agreement for workers employed by OCS based at Edinburgh airport.

What this shows is the positive agreements that Unite the Union have been able to facilitate within Scotland.

As the industry comes further out of the pandemic, more money is being made by airports.

Unite the Union, amongst others, argue that the pay should reflect on that success that has taken place post-pandemic.

The union has been busy all around the country trying to secure pay deals at airports.

Particularly in Scotland, it is clear they are making strong progress across Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport.


Photo sourced from Careys.

In conclusion, this will come as good news for employees at Edinburgh Airport over pay increases.

With Unite the Union continuing negotiations all over the country, all eyes will be on what comes next for them.

There is no doubt that as the aviation industry succeeds more and more, Unite will continue to get around the negotiating table.

But for now, there’s a lot of pride for the union by it’s members as they continue to secure strong agreements.

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By James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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