Munich Airport Updates Progress on New Terminal 1 Pier

Render of new Terminal 1 facility at Munich Airport.
Image Credit: Munich Airport

Great progress is being made on the new pier at Munich Airport’s Terminal 1. After completing the exterior facade in 2023, construction is now moving swiftly on the interior.

The project is on track for completion by the end of 2025, with comprehensive testing following to ensure a smooth opening.

This exciting expansion will centralize Terminal 1’s non-Schengen traffic, offering a dedicated space for airlines like American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Jost Lammers, Chief Executive Officer of Munich Airport, pointed out the project’s benefits. “The expansion guarantees a consistently high quality experience across all passenger handling areas.”

“The new pier boasts modern lounges, significantly enhancing Terminal 1’s overall appeal. This creates long-term growth prospects for our partner airlines and strengthens Munich’s position as a premier aviation hub.”

Render of new Terminal 1 facility at Munich Airport.
Image Credits: Munich Airport

Designed for Efficiency and Passenger Comfort

The new pier stretches approximately 360 meters into the western apron and offers a spacious 95,000 square meters.

The expansion will incorporate a section of the existing Terminal 1 Module B Arrivals area to create the central entrance and exit point.

This six-story structure prioritizes passenger needs. Three floors cater directly to travelers:

  • Level 03: Featuring bus gates, immigration controls, and baggage reclaim for a seamless arrival experience.
  • Level 04: Housing a vibrant marketplace and convenient departure gates.
  • Level 05: Dedicated to arrivals with passport control and state-of-the-art security checkpoints equipped with CT technology, already familiar to passengers using Terminal 1 Module D and Terminal 2.

The pier can accommodate up to twelve smaller aircraft or six wide-body aircraft simultaneously, ensuring efficient operations. Access is streamlined through a centralized security area with ten checkpoints.

The new pier prioritizes environmental responsibility. Energy-efficient technologies are incorporated throughout, including a connection to the airport’s central eco-friendly energy generation system.

Additionally, the air treatment systems boast highly efficient heat recovery features, minimizing the environmental footprint.

A Welcoming Space with Bavarian Flair

Nathalie Leroy, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Infrastructure at Munich Airport, emphasizes the focus on passenger comfort.

“The increased space combined with cutting-edge technology translates to significant improvements in passenger experience, service efficiency, and overall comfort.”

“This expansion will transform the 30-year-old Terminal 1 into a state-of-the-art facility, perfectly equipped to handle the evolving demands of non-Schengen travel.”

The emphasis on passenger well-being extends to the commercial areas. Comfortable relaxation zones, dedicated children’s play areas, and engaging exhibition spaces contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

The unifying theme throughout the pier is “Bavarian Soul,” aiming to showcase the airport as a gateway to Bavaria.

A Central Marketplace for Non-Schengen Travel

The centerpiece of the pier will be a bustling marketplace serving all non-Schengen traffic.

This expansive area, encompassing 5,200 square meters, will feature a large walk-through duty-free zone. This zone will sit alongside a diverse selection of catering and retail options.

“With the ‘Bavarian Soul’ concept, we’re crafting a new passenger experience in the upcoming pier,” says Jan-Henrik Andersson, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Security Officer at Munich Airport.

“We’re creating a pleasant atmosphere with premium brands, a warm ambiance, and timeless interior design – everything that embodies the Munich Airport experience.”

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