Marshall Aerospace announces ANSL Deal

ATC Simulator
Photo: Marshall Aerospace

LONDON – Marshall Aerospace has announced Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) will provide an Air Traffic Control Management package for Cambridge City Airport. The main part of the package is a Air Traffic Control Officer (ATCO) training simulator.

ANSL Will provide an Air Traffic Control simulator and instructor to Marshall Aerospace. Additionally, they will also be providing an interim Manager Air Traffic Service. ANSL will also be assisting Marshall Aerospace in maintaining local procedures, alongside Safety and Quality Management systems.

Kevan Craske, Director of Cambridge City Airport, said “Partnering with ANSL was a logical next step in widening Cambridge City Airport’s offering. The flexibility of their solutions and breadth of their expertise will enable us to accelerate our ATCO training programme and, with it, the operating hours and capabilities of our Airport. The responsiveness and professionalism demonstrated by ANSL made working with them the obvious choice.”

The simulator training will allow trainee ATCOs to develop their skills, without being effected by low traffic levels.

Paul Diestelkamp, Head of Business Development & Solutions at ANSL, said “We’re delighted to be working with Marshall Aerospace and Cambridge City Airport to provide this comprehensive and tailored solution. This new partnership demonstrates the flexible range of solutions we can offer to regional airports to help them achieve their commercial goals.”

With the assistance of ANSL, Marshall Aerospace hope to continue COVID-19 recovery. They aim to extend their opening hours, allowing for more business and commercial aviation operations.

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