London Gatwick Airport Lays on 14 New Summer Flights

London Gatwick Airport flights on the taxiway.
Photo Credits: London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick Airport is preparing for a bigger summer of air travel, with an impressive lineup of new destinations and expanded routes.

Passengers can choose from a staggering 223 destinations served by 56 airlines, offering an unparalleled range of options for travel getaways in summer 2024.

Short-Haul Flights: Exploring New Destinations

Gatwick has unveiled a wave of exciting new routes, catering to a variety of travel styles. Short-haul adventures await those seeking European escapes.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Sweden with a trip to Gothenburg, or discover the dramatic landscapes and rich Viking heritage of the Faroe Islands with a direct flight to Vagar.

Craving volcanic wonders? Relax and unwind in the breathtaking Azores, with Ponta Delgada, Portugal, now just a flight away.

For those yearning for cultural immersion, explore the vibrant city of Varna in Bulgaria, or soak up the Italian sunshine with a trip to the historic city of Salerno, launching flights on July 13th.

Gatwick Airport Second Runway: Becoming More of a Reality?

Long-Haul Travel Takes Off

Adventure seekers with a global perspective will delight in Gatwick’s expanded long-haul options. Explore the vibrant cities of Halifax and St. John’s in Canada, or delve into the rich tapestry of Chinese culture with direct flights to Beijing and Guangzhou.

London Gatwick also offers a gateway to the diverse landscapes of Iraq. The airport sees a new route to Erbil, a fascinating city steeped in history.

And for those dreaming of exploring Southeast Asia, Singapore Airlines takes flight from Gatwick starting June 22nd. This opens the door to the Lion City’s iconic sights and cultural experiences.

Emirates aircraft taxiing at London Gatwick Airport
Photo Credit: London Gatwick Airport

New Airline Partners Join the Gatwick Family

Gatwick is proud to welcome a host of new airline partners this summer. The recent airline additions further strengthen its network and provide even wider choice for travelers.

Look forward to seamless journeys with ITA Airways, Atlantic Airways, Azores Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and FlyErbil.

Gatwick understands that a smooth travel experience is key to a successful trip. The airport prioritizes efficiency, with 95% of passengers passing through security in under five minutes on average.

This allows ample time to explore the airport’s extensive retail offerings and delectable dining options before your flight.

London Gatwick Updates

Gatwick’s focus extends beyond this summer. The airport is committed to long-term growth and sustainability.

Their plan to bring the Northern Runway into routine use is currently under review, aiming to improve efficiency, reduce delays, and create a significant boost to the regional and national economy by supporting trade, tourism, and job creation.

Gatwick Airport Second Runway: Becoming More of a Reality?
Photo Credit: Gatwick Airport.

As the UK’s second-largest airport, Gatwick plays a vital role in connecting passengers to the world.

With a focus on sustainable practices, the airport has ambitious plans to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Their continuous commitment to innovation ensures a seamless travel experience for everyone, from business travelers to families embarking on dream vacations.

Gatwick looks to have a broad range of travel options on offer this summer. Whether you’re seeking a short European escape, a long-haul adventure, or a relaxing beach getaway, Gatwick has a perfect destination and travel experience waiting.

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