Delta Air Lines Employee Severely Injured After Being hit By Lavatory Truck

A close up of a Delta Air Lines aircraft showing company logo.

LONDON – WSB-TV an Atlanta, US-based media outlet, has released a video of the horrific moment that a Delta Air Lines employee was marshalling an aircraft when a lavatory service truck failed to spot her barrelling into the back of her and then continuing to drive over her.

The incident was captured on Airport CCTV and has started to make its way around social media. The accident occurred on December 10 at Hartsfield-Jackson Internation Airport, and Delta has confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that they are investigating the incident, however, they also confirmed the employee in question was taken to the hospital without life-threatening injuries.

How Did It Happen

The employee named Camdyn Davis was wearing her orange high-vis jacket and waving her wands, she was clearly visible to the aircraft, but in the video (attached below) you can hear the harrowing sound of the radio calls that were going out moments before the impact, with the Lavatory truck drivers being told over radio to slow down their speeds and pay more attention to their surroundings.

The video is being shared by Davis’ family who has attached it to a Go-fund-me page, which you can find by clicking here, with her mother saying to WSB-TV 2 news that “her daughter has a long road to recovery”.

Viewer Discretion is Advised

This video has been shared in the article to bring attention to the family go-fund-me page which can be found in the link attached in the paragraph above.

Questions Need to Be Asked

Outside of the investigation that is underway, a look at the safety of airport workers at airports needs to be talked about now. One such system that has over the last few years been brought in is the expensive automatic gate guidance systems, which can be found at most if not all major and modern international airports around the globe.

This incident, however, has highlighted however, that it is not always possible to remove the human requirement from the gate and perhaps there is a need to bring in stricter rules and requirements for service vehicles driving around the airport.

It is already a requirement for ground vehicles to give way to moving aircraft, yet despite this the accident still took place.

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