Copenhagen Airport’s Best May in Six Years

Copenhagen Airport
kallerna, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This week, Denmark’s capital airport, Copenhagen (CPH), has reported its best May traffic figures in six years.

This article will cover the details surrounding Copenhagen Airport’s best spring month in six years.

Copenhagen Airport – May Traffic Figures

SAS flight crew with Scandinavian national flags.
Photo Credit: SAS

During the month of May, Copenhagen Airport catered to 2,734,403 passengers. This marks their strongest May since 2018. On May 12 alone, a record was set for the airport, handling 107,514 passengers.

The high passenger figures were driven by an 18% to 27% percent increase of passengers. They travelled with SAS, Norwegian and Ryanair. With the most popular destinations across Europe being London, Amsterdam, Milan and Istanbul.

Asia is also a big hitter for Copenhagen, with traffic up by 34% over May 2023. China is becoming popular with Denmark. Seeing Air China adding more over the summer to sustain a daily service between Copenhagen and Beijing.

Senior Comments

Commenting on their best May in six years, Copenhagen Airports A/S, Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Krogsgaard, saying. “Danes have had a big case of the travel bug this spring. We now have days with more than 100,000 travellers – that is 2.5 times the seating capacity at Parken, the national football arena in Copenhagen.”

“That is a lot of people! In fact, passenger traffic in May of this year was less than 16,000 short of setting a record for the busiest month of May in the airport’s history. That says a lot about the eagerness to travel, not only in Denmark but internationally as well.”

“We are delighted to see traffic recovering on routes to Asia. Several airlines continue to face the challenge of having to avoid Russian airspace, so it is extremely positive to see traffic increasing all the same. Hopefully, the daily departures to Beijing over the summer will help sustain the positive trend, and we hope to get more destinations on our route map in the upcoming period.”

“There is no doubt that the coming months will be very busy at the airport, but we are well-prepared and ready to welcome the many holiday-bound travellers who will be passing through our terminals to go on one of the 290 routes available this summer.”

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