Birmingham Airport Delays: Passenger Queues Ease

Birmingham Airport terminal interior
Photo Credit: Birmingham Airport.

Passengers at Birmingham Airport (BHX) have seen some relief from the transit delays experienced in recent times.

Reports on Tuesday, 25 June 2024 suggest that passenger delays at the Midlands airport have receded from the earlier major delays reported. There have been no reports of large queues this morning.

BHX Airport has seen significant passenger delays recently, causing frustration for many travelers. The most congested travel times have been typically in the early hours of the morning up to around 08:00 local time.

Understanding the Delays

The long queues are a result of a confluence of factors. A last-minute government U-turn on the 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage caused confusion among passengers.

This has resulted in the airport having to provide advice to travellers in queues with respect to the 100ml carry-on liquid ruling. The long processing queues which have been formed in recent days have been attributed to passengers not complying with the liquids rule.

This, coupled with ongoing construction work within the airport, has significantly impacted security processing times.

What to Expect at BHX

Passengers recently reported waiting up to 2 to 3 hours hours to get through security, particularly during peak travel times between 4am and 8am.

Whilst today has seen some relief from that congestion, Birmingham Airport head Nick Barton has warned passengers to remain prepared, according to a report in the Birmingham Mail.

Exterior view of Birmingham Airport Terminal building.
Photo Credit: Birmingham Airport

Tips for a Smoother Journey

Here’s what you can do to minimize the impact of potential delays on your trip:

  • Plan Ahead: Arrive at the airport significantly earlier than usual. Birmingham Airport recommends checking with your airline for specific advice, but a general buffer of three hours before your departure seems prudent based on recent reports.
  • Embrace Online Check-In: Many airlines offer online check-in, which can save you valuable time at the airport. Utilize this option whenever possible, especially if you’re traveling with only carry-on luggage.
  • Consider Fast-Track Security: If available, consider pre-booking fast-track security to bypass the main queues. This can be a worthwhile investment for those pressed for time.
  • Pack Smart for Liquids: Be very familiar with the current 100ml liquid rule for hand luggage. Pack accordingly and ensure all liquids, pastes, and gels are stored in containers that meet the size restrictions. Pack them in a readily accessible location for easy inspection during security screening.
  • Pack Light: The less luggage you have to check in, the faster your pre-flight process will be. Consider packing light for shorter trips or utilizing airlines that allow generous carry-on allowances.
  • Prepare for Security: Familiarize yourself with security protocols beforehand. Ensure you have easy access to electronics, remove all items from your pockets, and be prepared to place your belongings in the screening trays.
Birmingham Airport Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Figures For First Time
Photo Credit: Birmingham Airport.

Birmingham Airport Measures

Birmingham Airport has continued to acknowledge the disruption and has taken steps to address the situation.

They’ve increased staffing levels at security checkpoints and implemented temporary “liquid check stations” to streamline the screening process.

Stay Informed

Real-time updates on Birmingham Airport delays, including queue lengths and airport operations can be found on the airport website and social media channels. Checking these resources before your flight can help you manage your expectations and adjust your arrival time accordingly.

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