Advice for travelling through Manchester Airport this Christmas

The Departures terminal at Manchester Airport
Photo Credit: Manchester Airport.

LONDON – With the disruption of Covid behind us, Manchester Airport is expecting its busiest December since 2019. Over 1.5 million people are due through its doors as we approach the Christmas peak festive period.

People head off to all corners of the world looking to spend time with family and celebrate, something that wasn’t a reality any of us were freely able to enjoy during the lockdowns of the pandemic.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming the 1.7 million passengers who will travel through our airport over the festive period.”

“This is a special time of the year for many, and we’re determined to make sure our guests get their Christmas off to the best possible start with a smooth and enjoyable journey through the airport.” said Chris Woodroofe, Manchester Aiports Managing Director.

Manchester Airport Group has issued advice and tips on what’s best to follow to ensure your Christmas trip is not thrown a curveball, as you make your way towards your final destination.

Below are some considerations to follow to bear in mind that will make your journey through the airport a smooth one. 

Check your terminal

Before you leave home ensure you know where you need to be heading for to avoid a delay when you do get there. Manchester Airport has three terminals in operation so check your flight paperwork to make sure you’re going to the right one.

If not, all terminals are easily accessibly by foot, but it could cost you anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes if you need to re-route. 

Give yourself plenty of time

This years bad weather is being further compounded by industrial action and strikes that could disrupt your transport plans to the airport. Check and double check strike dates, train times and locations for pick up if using public transport to get to the airport, and ensure the times you pick are well in advance to be able to see you through check-in/bag drop and security. 

Liquids in hand luggage

You may have read or heard recently that the UK is reviewing the ‘100ml max liquid’ in the hand luggage rule*. This is correct, but not until 2024.

So with the current rules still in force, please ensure your liquids and pastes are still all under 100ml each, and stored in a clear plastic bag. Knowing and adhering to this rule will make sure that your trip through security is smooth.

Don’t bring wrapped presents

If you are chosen for secondary screening through security then presents you have brought that are wrapped may have to be unwrapped and opened by a security officer. Please leave wrapping until you have the gift through security and are at your final destination.

If you wish to bring Christmas crackers through the airport then please check with your airline that their policy allows, some airlines ban them completely!

Remove large coats prior to going through security

This one should really go without saying, and if you wish to move through security as quickly as possible then help yourself. Remove and large coats/jackets or winter wear as you approach the security desk to ensure you get through with as little disruption as possible.

Manchester airport currently boasts a 97% rate of people getting through in 15 minutes or less.

“Being prepared is vitally important though, and we realise that, for some, this will be their first trip since before the pandemic.”

“I’d encourage everyone flying out of Manchester over the Christmas period to check for road and rail disruption in advance of their journey to the airport, and to familiarise themselves with the current security rules,” continued Woodroofe.

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