40,000 Toblerones! Heathrow Airport Enjoys a Record Month in May

London Heathrow Landing Fees: Why Were They So High?
Photo Credit: Heathrow Airport.

London’s Heathrow Airport continues to break passenger traffic records, solidifying its position as the UK’s premier travel hub.

The latest figures reveal a staggering 81.5 million passengers utilizing the airport in the twelve months leading up to May 2024.

This surpasses all previous records, marking a significant milestone for the airport. In an interesting side note, the airport also set quite a record for Toblerone sales for the month.

Read on for some rather unconventional monthly performance stats…

Heathrow May Performance: Record Breaking

May itself witnessed a record-breaking month, with passenger numbers exceeding 7.2 million for the first time ever.

This trend is expected to continue throughout the upcoming summer season. Forward projections estimate that a further 30 million passengers to pass through Heathrow across the peak travel season.

Passengers can travel with confidence across summer, knowing that airport staff successfully handled these recent surges in passenger volume.

This includes various improvements within the terminals, such as the recent opening of the UK’s first Jones the Grocer branch in Terminal 2.

This new addition offers passengers a delightful selection of freshly prepared meals and artisan products.

Photo Credit: London Heathrow Airport.

T2: Queen’s Terminal 10th Annversary

Terminal 2, also known as The Queen’s Terminal, celebrates its 10th anniversary this summer. Throughout its ten years of operation, it has seen an impressive 148 million passengers travel through its gates.

The Terminal has facilitated travel to over 30 destinations on more than a million flights during that time

New research conducted in honor of the anniversary revealed some interesting passenger habits. Apparently, many travelers indulge in little luxuries at the start of their journeys, including breakfast pastries, impulse purchases, or even a pre-flight drink.

London Heathrow Handles 5.8m Passengers in February
Passengers with luggage arriving at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 2.

40,000 Toblerone Bars!

As an interesting aside, it seems the record passenger numbers weren’t the only highpoint for Heathrow in May.

In fact, May alone saw passengers indulge their sweet tooth with a staggering 40,000 Toblerone bars – that’s roughly one per minute and enough chocolate to stretch the entire length of the airport’s northern runway!

Looking beyond summer, Heathrow is already preparing for the winter season. Travelers seeking winter escapes will be excited to learn about British Airways’ new route.

This will operate from Heathrow to Tromsø, Norway, a perfect destination for aurora borealis enthusiasts and arctic adventurers.

The Northern Lights over Tromsø, Norway
Photo Credit: British Airways

Additionally, SAS airlines has confirmed a new route connecting Heathrow to Sälen in Sweden.

Heathrow CEO, Thomas Woldbye, expressed his pride in the team’s achievements: “We have a winning team at Heathrow that has demonstrably moved past the challenges of Covid-19.”

“Through their extraordinary efforts, we are now facilitating record numbers of journeys, seamlessly connecting people with the world.”

“Supporting 81 million journeys doesn’t just create cherished holiday memories for families, but more importantly, strengthens the vital trade and business links that a hub like Heathrow fosters for the UK’s economy.”

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