WestJet Cargo Confirms Launch of Four Boeing Freighters

LONDON – WestJet Cargo has confirmed that it will launch and deploy four Boeing 737-800 Freighters, effective from March next year.

The specific date for the freighter launch is on March 26, 2023, and it will be used to meet the growing demand of the Canadian cargo market.

De Bruijn: Confident About The Future…

Kirsten De Bruijn, WestJet’s Executive Vice President of Cargo, remains strongly confident about this decision made by the carrier:

“WestJet Cargo is about to enter a very promising and exciting period in its development.”

“The arrival of our new fleet will enable us to meet the rising demand of the Canadian market more than ever before.”

Such a move doesn’t come as a surprise, as cargo carriers around the world have experienced a significant boom off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic.

De Bruijn Is Changing Things Up…

De Bruijn was appointed to WestJet Cargo back in April of this year and has made some significant strives forward in the company.

De Bruijn has a long history within the aviation industry and also as one of the tops in a couple of big-time cargo airlines from the Middle East, such as being the senior vice president of cargo sales and network planning for Qatar Airways, where she was responsible for the entire marketing division for the cargo airline, overseeing product development and marketing, and was responsible for the freighter network planning department.

Before that, she was vice president for Emirates Sky Cargo and was part of Air France-KLM (Martinair).

De Bruijn Needed for WestJet’s Next Steps…

“Kirsten has demonstrated consistent and proven success in driving strategic growth for an impressive portfolio of cargo businesses around the globe,” said WestJet’s CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech.

“As WestJet Cargo enters a pivotal moment of providing much-needed competitive choice and prices to customers across our network and beyond, there is no better leader for the task.”

De Bruijn is expected to play an instrumental role in building the airline’s dedicated cargo capabilities and service offerings while growing “a cargo organization capable of succeeding within a rapidly evolving market”.

“I am thrilled to be joining WestJet Cargo as the business sets sights on a competitive and aggressive expansion,” said de Bruijn.

“With such a strong foundation supported by a growing fleet, team, and complementary network, I am confident that WestJet Cargo has a bright future ahead as we strive to bring customers more choices and caring customer service akin to the WestJet brand.”

A Strong Appointment by WestJet…

As she was part of the top 2 of the biggest Middle Eastern cargo carriers, she has a very reputable background, which will put her in a leadership position.

She will be a very important tool in expanding WestJet’s cargo position across the North American hemisphere and globally.

WestJet is in good hands as she will also be able to use her connections from the previous airlines she worked for, which would put WestJet at a huge advantage compared to other airlines; however, as they’re a brand new division of WestJet, they are going to be having a tough time as the competition in the region is fierce, as many big cargo airlines from the region have already expanded a lot during the pandemic, such as UPS and FedEx.

However, despite the fierce competition, WestJet could make a great deal with their new division, as they have de Bruijn, who is very experienced in the field of the cargo industry, and they have proven themselves during the pandemic that they are able to take on the challenge with their new division.

All that’s left for them is to build a reputable name for themselves.

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