UPS Boeing 747 Diverts To Iceland Amidst Bomb Threat

UPS Boeing 747-8F By Melv_L - MACASR -, CC BY-SA 2.0,
UPS Boeing 747-8F By Melv_L - MACASR -, CC BY-SA 2.0,

LONDON – A UPS Boeing 747-8F operating from Cologne, Germany to Louisville, Kentucky, the United States, when the bomb threat was made.

According to flight tracking data, it was the UPS Boeing 747-8F registration N618UP that was involved in the incident.

What We Know So Far

Wednesday 28, 19:45 UTC

UPS Flight 5X214 departs from Cologne Airport en route to Louisville, with no reports of any issues.

Wednesday 28, 22:30 UTC

The aircraft begins to slow down rapidly with a 60-knot decrease in its airspeed.

Wednesday 28, 22:45 UTC

15 Minutes after initially slowing down the aircraft begins a rapid descent from 30,000 feet down to 3,000 feet in just under 15 minutes, data from the ADS-B exchange recorded the plane flying at around 460 knots throughout the descent.

Wednesday 28, 23:06 UTC

In just under 30 minutes after beginning its descent, the aircraft touched down at Reykjavik airport in Iceland, where it was placed on a quiet apron on the airfield.

Some commercial flights were diverted and others were forced to enter the hold and wait at the holding point while the police and other emergency services inspected the 747.

Thursday 29, 09:20 UTC

Local Chief of Police in Reykjanes peninsula, Úlfar Lúðvíksson, confirmed to that the aircraft had landed there amidst a bomb threat.

This makes it the second bomb threat onboard a commercial aircraft this week, with this potentially leading towards a worrying sign.

There at this time have been no comments made from UPS or any other officials with more details about the reported incident, however, we expect to hear more information on this outcome soon.

This is a Developing news Story Please be sure to check back as more information is provided we will update it here.

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