United Airlines Has 3,000 Staff That Are Positive For COVID

Photo Credit: Thomas Saunders/AviationSource
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LONDON – In a letter from United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, he revealed that 3,000 staff members are currently off sick with COVID-19.

In the letter, there was a staggering statistic that in one day in Newark, one-third of its workforce called in sick, which is a very significant stat.

You can see the full letter below:

The airline has credited itself also for going eight weeks without a COVID-related death in the workforce, which shows that the vaccination drive within the airline is working.

“Based on United’s prior experience and the nationwide data related to COVID fatalities among the unvaccinated, that means there are approximately 8-10 United employees who are alive today because of our vaccine requirement”.

The quote above does show some level of evidence, however low the figure is, that the vaccine mandate does work, but of course comes with such challenges around freedoms.

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