Ukraine Crisis: New EU Sanctions Target Russia with Blocking of Aircraft Part Deliveries

Vladimir Yaitskiy, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to rage on, the EU has brought in new sanctions onto Russia which also covered and blocked the ability for Russia to receive and order new aircraft parts. Now questions as these restrictions come into place, may begin to place aircraft orders from Russian airlines into doubt, with Aeroflot taking delivery of another Airbus A350-900 recently, but could we now see all future deliveries canceled or on hold for as long as these restrictions and sanctions remain.

As these new sanctions were implemented, it has caused European-based airlines to reconsider their flights and services to Russia, with KLM today turning two planes around after almost having reached their destinations.

Flight Data of KLM Flight KL903; RadarBox

KL903 was just miles away from its intended destination of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport when it diverted to Copenhagen for a fuel stop, it has since then in the last few hours flown back to Amsterdam, 6 hours after it initially left.

The second flight to return mid-air was KLM Flight KL1395, which was over Estonia when KLM ordered the aircraft to return to Amsterdam, informing them that the flight had been canceled.

Flight Data of KLM Flight KL1395; RadarBox

There have been no official statements from European airlines as to whether or not the announcement made today will mean they will now also suspend all services to Russia as they did Ukraine just days ago, however, with the sanctions only due to being strengthed, many airlines over the coming days may take this decision to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew.

This is a developing news story!

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