SQ317: Airbus A380 Involved in Divert Heads Back Home to Singapore

LONDON – Following its technical issue resulting in a divert to Frankfurt am Main, Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 involved in the emergency has departed back to Singapore.

At the time of writing, the aircraft is currently over Tehran FIR, having departed by from Frankfurt at 1728 local time earlier today.

This means that 9V-SKQ stayed in Frankfurt for two days following issues with pressurization onboard the aircraft.

SQ317 declared an emergency over the east of Luxembourg and entered the hold to burn fuel and get ready for arrival in Frankfurt.

You can see below the coverage that we provided two days ago here at AviationSource.

ICYMI: The Live Coverage…

UPDATE #1 @ 1226 UK Time – SQ317 is currently holding at 10,000 feet near Frankfurt am Main International Airport.

UPDATE #2 @ 1230 UK time – Frankfurt am Main International Airport is very likely for the divert.

UPDATE #3 @ 1231 UK time – SQ317 appears to be entering the hold whilst other traffic is cleared from the surrounding area. Aircraft still at FL100.

UPDATE #4 @ 1235 UK time – Reports indicating that the aircraft is holding at FL100 to burn off fuel as it will have a lot on board for a Heathrow-Singapore rotation.

UPDATE #5 @ 1238 UK time – SQ317 has left the hold and is currently heading north; unclear when it is going to continue its descent into Frankfurt.

UPDATE #6 @ 1242 UK time – ADS-B data from RadarBox.com indicates a sharp descent for this emergency, potentially pressurization or medical/priority emergency.

UPDATE #7 @ 1244 UK time – SQ317 is about to over-fly Frankfurt as the fuel burn, and sequencing continue.

UPDATE #8 @ 1246 UK time – The next stage of descent begins for SQ317.

UPDATE #9 @ 1250 UK Time – SQ317 passing through 6,000 feet. Looking like a setup for the 25s at Frankfurt.

UPDATE #10 @ 1255 UK time – SQ317 is now on final approach into Frankfurt am Main International Airport.

UPDATE #11 @ 1254 UK time – Touchdown! SQ317 has landed safely at Frankfurt am Main International Airport’s Runway 25C, which concludes our coverage of the emergency.

UPDATE #12 @ 1300 UK time – Someone was able to capture the A380 on the final approach into Frankfurt a few moments ago.

UPDATE #13 @ 1516 UK time – Pictures from MyLondon sent in by a passenger show the emergency services on hand upon arrival at the gate at Frankfurt.

UPDATE #14 @ 1528 UK time – SQ Statement on #SQ317: “Arrangements are currently being made to assist all customers. SIA sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience this has caused. The safety of our customers and crew is always our top priority.”

UPDATE #15 @ 2207 UK time – Footage has emerged of the aircraft jettisoning fuel whilst on its descent into Frankfurt am Main earlier today.

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