Riyadh Air Unveils Striking New Uniform Collection

Riyadh Air crew in new designer uniforms.
Photo Credit: Riyadh Air

Riyadh Air, the new airline from Saudi Arabia, has taken center stage at Paris Haute Couture Week.

The airline unveiled its stunning new uniform collection in a historic collaboration with renowned Saudi fashion designer Ashi.

This marked a further step for the new airline, showcasing its commitment to luxury, innovation, and a striking public image.

A Collaboration Steeped in History and Style

The partnership between Riyadh Air and Ashi is a story of heritage meeting modern vision. Ashi, the founder and creative director of Parisian couture house ASHI Studio, is known for his elegant and timeless designs.

For Riyadh Air, he drew inspiration from the golden age of aviation – the 1950s. This was a period synonymous with glamour and impeccable service.

Riyadh Air crew in new designer uniforms.
Photo Credit: Riyadh Air

However, Ashi doesn’t simply replicate the past. He masterfully blends these classic elements with a modern aesthetic.

The result is a uniform collection that exudes sophistication while remaining perfectly suited for the demands of modern air travel.

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Innovation

The exclusive collection, designed for both female and male staff, comprises dozens of pieces that blend functionality with timeless style.

Passengers can expect to be greeted by cabin crew adorned in luxurious cashmere outerwear. The design boasts perfectly tailored dresses and trousers crafted from fine wools, and custom-designed leather footwear.

The look is completed with elegant pillbox hats, reminiscent of the golden age yet reimagined for a contemporary edge.

A Color Palette Reflecting Heritage

Color plays a significant role in the collection, with Ashi cultivating unique shades specifically for Riyadh Air.

“Electric Amethyst” graces the womenswear, a vibrant yet sophisticated hue inspired by Saudi Arabia’s breathtaking lavender fields.

The menswear features a complementary “Dark Amethyst,” reflecting a connection to the airline’s primary color. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a cohesive brand experience throughout the passenger journey.

During the Haute Couture Week event, the airline also reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable practices. It made presentations alongside Lucid Motors, a leader in electric vehicles.

This partnership highlights both companies’ shared vision for the future of transportation.

Luxury in Every Detail

The garments showcased in Paris represent just a taste of the complete collection, set to launch in early 2025.

This collection is designed to be worn by cabin crew, pilots, concierges, and airport agents. Overall, it offers a diverse range of looks suitable for all seasons.

Ashi’s design genius is evident in the subtle yet impactful incorporation of the Riyadh Air brand identity throughout the collection.

Lines and silhouettes echo the airline’s logo, creating a sense of unity and brand recognition.

Statements from Key Figures

Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas expressed his immense pride in the collaboration, highlighting its impact on the global stage.

“For a start-up airline to be showcasing our new fashion collection during Haute Couture Week in Paris shows what an impact Riyadh Air is having globally,” he stated.

He further emphasized the meticulous attention to detail that went into the designs, reflecting Riyadh Air’s core values.

Ashi, the designer behind the collection, shared his enthusiasm about the project’s historical significance.

“Designing for the new national airline from Saudi Arabia has had a big impact on me knowing that we are making a mark in history,” he said.

He went on to express his desire to revitalize the concept of fashion-aviation collaboration, pushing the boundaries of both industries.

Ashi emphasized that the collection reflects Riyadh Air’s commitment to offering a luxurious travel experience, with an emphasis on detail and unparalleled service.

A Riyadh Air Boeing 787 on display.
Mztourist, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Year in the Making

The design process for this groundbreaking collection was a meticulous one, taking nearly a year to complete.

The designer dedicated six months solely to color development, showing the commitment to excellence that defines both Riyadh Air and Ashi.

This dedication to detail extends beyond aesthetics, with the garments designed to ensure comfort and functionality for all staff members throughout their workday.

Riyadh Air: Taking Flight in 2025

Riyadh Air will operate its maiden flight in 2025. Passengers can look forward to a premium experience that combines sophistication and innovation from the moment they step into a Riyadh Air terminal.

The meticulously designed uniforms are just one aspect of this commitment to a redefined travel experience.

Riyadh Air promises to usher in a new era of luxury travel, where cutting-edge technology, unparalleled service, and timeless elegance combine to create an unforgettable journey.

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