RadarBox: Emirates’ Movements Increase by 23%

Photo Credit: Karam Sodhi/AviationSource

LONDON – According to data from RadarBox.com, Emirates’ movement statistics have increased by 23%.

The UAE-based carrier has been working hard to get itself back up to pre-pandemic levels, but they are still trailing by a relative number.

Without further ado, let’s get into the numbers…

The Numbers…

For this week, the carrier operated 453 flights based on a seven-day rolling average provided by the flight tracking company.

This represents an increase of 23.77% compared to the same period last year, where 366 movements were handled.

To achieve pre-pandemic levels, the carrier needs to find another 91 movements based on those averages.

Below is the last four weeks’ worth of data for the carrier:

Date2019 Numbers2021 Numbers2022 NumbersPercentage Difference (2022 vs. 2021)
October 29-November 5540 movements360 movements455 movements+26.39%
November 5-12538 movements362 movements455 movements+25.69%
November 12-19538 movements360 movements456 movements+26.67%
November 19-26546 movements364 movements460 movements+26.37%

What we can see from that data is quite a clear and consistent percentage increase, and even the numbers have remained consistent year-on-year as well.

More A380 Flights Could Increase Numbers…

As Emirates brings more Airbus A380s back into service, this will no doubt have an effect on the 2022 numbers currently.

An example of this would be from Emirates’ launch of a third A380 into London Gatwick earlier this week.

The EK11/12 flights are the ones being serviced by the A380, with EK11 departing Dubai at 0301 local time on December 1 and arriving at Gatwick at 0633 local time, according to RadarBox.com.

EK12 then departed Gatwick at 0951 local before arriving back in Dubai at 2049 local.

This now means that the airline will be offering more than 1,000 seats every day from Gatwick to Dubai as its London strategy intensifies.

Richard Jewsbury, the Divisional VP of Emirates UK, said the following to Key.Aero:

“As we gear up for the busy festive period, we are delighted to offer our customers better connectivity with the additional third daily flight to and from London/Gatwick.”

“[The West Sussex site] is a vital hub for us in London and the UK, and our operations from the airport connect both passengers and businesses with our ever-growing global network.”

Also speaking to the news site was Stephanie Wear, the VP of Aviation Development at London Gatwick Airport:

Photo Credit: Kyle Hayes/AviationSource

“We are delighted to welcome Emirates’ third daily flight to London/Gatwick.”

“Dubai is consistently among the most popular destinations for our passengers, so to have three options each day to fly to the UAE and beyond is fantastic news, particularly ahead of the busy holiday period.”


It remains clear that Emirates is making solid efforts in terms of getting back to pre-pandemic movement numbers.

All eyes will be on the carrier to see what more they can do to get to that number and whether we will see any more A380s reactivated in the short term.

But for now, all we can do is sit back and wait to see what they do next.

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