Pegasus Airlines prepares for its largest ever summer at London Stansted

Pegasus Airlines staff stand in front of an aircraft at London Stansted airport.
Photo Credit: Pegasus Airlines

Turkish low cost carrier, Pegasus Airlines is preparing for its largest ever summer schedule at London Stansted airport.

This summer season the airline will offer more flights than ever before, giving passengers plenty of choice when flying from London’s 3rd busiest airport to Turkey.

In total, Pegasus will fly to Stansted 55 times per week from 5 destinations spread across Turkey.

These destinations are Istanbul, Antalya, Dalaman, Ankara and Izmir. All these destinations represent a healthy selection of popular seaside holidays as well as city breaks.

Coming along way since 2007

Pegasus Airlines began flights to London Stansted in 2007, operating just a single route to Istanbul.

Since then the airline has transported 6 million passengers across all the routes it has operated, showing strong growth in the Turkey to London low cost market.

Chief Financial Officer for Pegasus Airline said, “That more than six million passengers have flown with Pegasus Airlines from London Stansted since 2007 is a special milestone in our history”.


He added, “Connecting people, places and cultures is at the heart of what we do, are we’re proud to continue this mission, taking passengers between the UK, Turkiye and beyond”.

Gareth Powell, Managing Director for London Stansted also said, “We are delighted that Pegasus Airlines has expanded its summer schedule from London Stansted to its largest ever”.

He added, “Since launching here 16 years ago, the airline has built an incredibly popular network that connects passengers from the region to destinations across Turkey”.

Operating the most fuel efficient jets on the routes

A Pegasus Airlines Airbus A320 approaches with wheels down.
Riik@mctr, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Supporting its largest ever schedule to London Stansted, Pegasus Airlines operates its highly fuel efficient Airbus A320neo family aircraft on all its routes.

Pegasus boasts a fleet of 100 aircraft according to, of which 77 of these aircraft are Airbus A320neo family aircraft.

This figure can be broken down into 46 A320neos and 31 A321neos, with the airline intending on taking more of these jets as time progresses.

By boasting this large fleet of fuel efficient jets in the fleet, the airline has a particularly young average fleet age of just 4.6 years old, one of the youngest in Europe.

With such a young fleet of aircraft and its largest ever London schedule, Pegasus is looking forward to a positive future of continued growth over the coming years.

A brief history of Pegasus

Pegasus Airline was founded on the 1st December 1989 as a partnership between Net, Silkar and Aer Lingus.

The airline commenced operations on 15th April 1990 with two Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

Two years later, Pegasus began to gain popularity and subsequently added an Airbus A320 aircraft to its fleet to meet rising demand.

Throughout the 2000s, growth continued for the airline with consistent fleet expansion and at one point the airline tried to acquire an A380.

In 2012, Pegasus Airline placed its monumental order for 57 A320neo and 18 A321neo aircraft in a bid to make its fleet of aircraft more sustainable.

Some of the A320neo aircraft were converted to A321neo aircraft later on.

Fast forward to the present day and Pegasus now flies to 129 destinations across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, with 36 destinations being in Turkey.

The airline is now the largest low cost carrier in the country and second largest airline in general in Turkey.

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