New Mexican Airline Aerus Selects Cessna SkyCouriers and Grand Caravan EX

A Cessna SkyCourier and Grand Caravan EX in Aerus livery.
Image Credit: Textron

LONDON – On 21 December, American manufacturer Textron Aviation announced that Aerus, a new regional airline in Mexico, is prepping to supplement its fleet with two twin-engine Cessna SkyCourier and four Cessna Grand Caravan EX turboprops.

The new SkyCourier has a 19-passenger configuration and the Grand Caravan EX will accommodate 14 occupants. The airline is not new to Textron’s product as it not long ago welcomed the first three Grand Caravan EX aircraft. 

The excitement came all the way from Textron Vice President, Marcelo Moreira, who takes care of sales in the Latin America region, stating: “A fleet of Cessna SkyCouriers and Cessna Grand Caravans will enable Aerus to be successful in growing service range and frequency of flights,” 

He enthusiastically furthered: “Both aircraft offer superior performance and low operating costs in combination with flexibility in cabin and payload.”

Above: Cessna SkyCourier Photo Credit: Textron
Above: Cessna Grand Caravan EX Photo Credit: Textron

Not only are the Cessna SkyCourier and Grand Caravan EX aircraft versatile, proven and reliable, but they are also proud offerings from Textron Aviation, as they are expected to be one of their best sellers.

But most importantly, they are proven and well-respected business tools that will allow customers like Aerus to conduct their missions seamlessly.

Aerus is based in Monterrey, Mexico and was founded earlier this year. The airline will be filling the vacuum markets, where destinations and cities in Mexico and abroad will be covered with agile and efficient Textron products.

The Cessna Caravan EX and the SkyCourier are the best products to conduct such missions demanded by the airline. 

CEO of the newly established airline Aerus, Javier Herrera stated:

“When we looked at options within the market to operate the routes we had in mind, it was a no-brainer decision to choose the Grand Caravan EX and the SkyCourier from Textron Aviation, which will be the cornerstone of the Aerus project,” 

Herrera further expressed his satisfaction: “We are very proud to be one of the first operators of the new SkyCourier, which we are sure will be a great success for Textron Aviation and Aerus. We appreciate Textron Aviation’s support as we set to launch operations.”

The SkyCourier is often touted as a cargo-oriented aircraft but is also capable of performing commercial and passenger missions, demonstrated by Aerus’s purchase of the aircraft type. The Caravan EX is, however, more oriented to passenger operations. 

About Aerus 

Aerus is founded under a giant conglomerate, Grupo Herrera, which has more than 8 decades of experience in various businesses, including the financial and real estate industries. It has also held an air taxi permit since 1990.

It has contributed greatly to the wider Mexican economy and will do so by operating to unserved destinations and routes in the country using the best aircraft they could source.

Aerus airline expects to commence its airline operation next year, or the beginning quarter of 2023 to be exact.

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