National Airlines Welcomes Boeing 747-400ERF

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LONDON – U.S based cargo freight operator National Airlines has announced that it has taken delivery of a Boeing 747-400 ERF (Extended Range Freighter) as it moves to meet the demand for large freight to be moved globally.

New Jet Offers More

The new aircraft registration N663CA feature a nose door and a large sliding door, which will allow National airlines to load more large and complex freight, expanding its reach in the market and offering its customers more.

Boasting an impressive 128 metric tonnes gross payload the aircraft will allow the carrier to expand into new markets and with the extended range added into this mix, the only limitation for the carrier is the size of the freight it needs to move.

Christopher Alf, Chairman of National Air Cargo Holdings, Inc said: “The introduction of the B747-400 ERF aircraft is part of our greater vision to modernize our fleet and enhance our service offerings for our customers.”

“Our prime focus is not just rapid fleet expansion, but also to offer newer and innovative air freight solutions to the post-COVID global market to meet growing specialized cargo demands,”

The aircraft and its front-loading ability mean it is also particularly suitable for pharmaceuticals, seafood, perishables, and other cold chain shipments, this is something that the airlines’ other freighters such as the Boeing 777 Freighter are not able to always do, due to their side loading only doors.

National Expects Further Expansion

This announcement today is only the start for the carrier as it expects to continue to add more freighter aircraft to its fleet in the coming months.

While this announcement is great news for the company it comes in complete contrast to how other air freight and cargo companies globally are reacting right now, with FedEx just announcing the closure of ninety offices, the ground of part of its fleet and the cutting of workforce hours.

National Airlines currently operates its fleet to over 200 airports around the globe and now with this new aircraft, this number will only rise, as it reaches new markets and opens new possibilities for them.

As it stands the only thing that it appears that could hold the company back from its future expansion will be how the global market reacts to the rising inflation costs if we see a notable drop off in the demands for not just air freight but also bulk freight it may see them reevaluate their current expansion plans.

Market Is Fragile

As previously mentioned the market is fragile at this moment in time, rising inflation, COVID-19 outbreaks in China and a seemingly ever-growing energy crisis in Europe due to many factors one of which being the Russian invasion of Ukraine will in no doubt at some point start to affect the American market, something which means it might be hard for National Airlines to plan for.

But it is clear that the airline is currently experiencing solid growth and has a clear plan in place as to how it wants to expand its reach and market share over the coming years. It could even be argued that the cutbacks from competitors such as FedEx will allow them to enter new markets and continue to grow as other companies struggle with their current situations.

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