Photo Credit: JetBlue

JetBlue Passenger Stranded After Jet Bridge Operator goes home

LONDON – A JetBlue plane full of passengers was left waiting in their seats for over an hour after it has arrived in Massachusetts. The person who was at the moment responsible, went home feeling sick and unable to operate the jet bridge. JetBlue flight 676 arrived in Massachusetts at 1 a.m. after having flown in from New York.

“We’ve determined an airport crewmember trained on safely operating the jet bridge was not available due to being ill and unable to perform their duties,” JetBlue spokesperson Emily Martin told in a statement.

The airport had to call in another crew to help with deboarding, however, they had to wait roughly 45 minutes before he had arrived.

“It was silence, then the pilot said, ‘I have something embarrassing to tell you guys — there is nobody to get you off the flight,’” said passenger Sabrina Ruelle. “They had no staff available to get us off the airplane!”

“We apologize to our customers for this delay,” Martin said. JetBlue plans to give the passengers who were temporarily stuck a $50 travel credit.

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