Japan Airlines To Operate A321P2F Flights in April 2024

LONDON – Earlier this week saw Japan Airlines and Yamoto Holdings announce plans to launch Airbus A321P2F freighter flights in April 2024.

It is understood that this will be used “in order to secure stable transportation capacity, maintain and improve service quality,
and solve social issues such as regional revitalization.”

Plan of Action…

Across the planned three A321ceoP2F aircraft, there will be 21 flights operated per day, with the following four routes to be operated:

  • Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) = Kitakyushu
  • Tokyo (Narita/Haneda) = Sapporo (New-Chitose)
  • Tokyo (Narita) – Okinawa (Naha)
  • Okinawa (Naha) – Kitakyushu

According to JAL, the plans are yet to be applied for and even to be approved by the relevant authorities.

Two of the three aircraft have been delivered already, and the last remaining airframe is set to be received in February 2023.

Conversion of the aircraft will begin in Singapore from March 2023 before delivery in 2024.

Liveries are set to be in the Yamato Transport colors, although this could change before then.

Infrastructure Still Needed…

JAL said the following in terms of setting up cargo infrastructure for this:

“At each of the airports where freighters are scheduled to operate, we are installing the necessary aircraft and improving the facilities required for the launch of freighters.”

“Both companies will hire new personnel, including those who will be involved in flight operations and freight handling, in preparation for the launch of the new aircraft in 2024.”

P2F Market is Hotting…

It is clear that the P2F market is intensifying in 2022. When I look back at the articles that AviationSource has produced on the P2F side of things, it is evident what the strength is:

Nine stories since the start of the year definitely highlight how busy manufacturers of the P2F have been, which is understandable why the likes of Embraer want a piece of this pie.


It remains clear that this is an exciting part of Japan Airlines’ cargo wing, and such a partnership with Yamato Holdings to establish this will provide better cargo links across Japan.

Looking ahead, it’s going to be interesting to see whether an expansion of the partnership will be explored to other destinations across Japan as well as the surrounding areas too.

For now, all eyes will now be on 2024 for both companies, especially as the P2F market continues to heat up in 2022, with this expected to continue for quite some time yet.

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James Field - Editor in Chief 4 Min Read
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