It’s Not Just An Airline, It’s Israel: A Look at EL AL

An EL AL Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner on approach to London Heathrow LHR. Photo: Jonathan Sivarajah 2020
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An airline born out of necessity In 1948 two Jewish visionaries co-founded the company to bring back President Haim Weizmann stranded in Geneva with no means of getting home. A former US Air Force DC-4 was sought, a couple of couches were tied down into the cabin, a name was chosen from the Bible and voila- EL AL was born. The airline’s history is abundant with covert airlifts carrying new immigrants to Israel from all over the world including Iraq, Iran, Yemen the USSR, and Ethiopia. The airline’s very existence remains a statement. The key thing to remember about this airline that it’s a point-to-point airline. This means that its sole purpose is to connect Israel with the outside world and visa-versa. A six-day airlin
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