IndiGo Plans to Launch Seychelles Services

IndiGo Flight from Amritsar Suffers Runway Excursion in New Delhi
BriYYZ from Toronto, Canada, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This week has seen Indian LCC, IndiGo, show a keen interest in starting services to Seychelles in the Indian Ocean.

This article will cover the details surrounding IndiGo’s interest in wanting to launch services from India to Seychelles and the current status of this interest.

IndiGo – Seychelles a Possibility?

Photo Credit: km30192002, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As reported by the Seychelles News Agency, Indian LCC (low-cost carrier), IndiGo, is wanting to launch services to Seychelles. The Seychelles’ Ministry of Transport has also announced the carrier’s intention for the new routes.

The news follows bilateral aviation talks that were held in New Delhi, India, back in May 2024. This is where the talks between IndiGo and the authorities in Seychelles began.

If the route is granted, it is expected that it will help significantly boost tourism and business exchanges. Over the past few years, passenger figures between the two countries has been on the rise. In 2022, 4,957 passengers flew between the two countries, 2023 saw 7,602 passengers. However, so far in 2024, there’s been 3,268 passengers.

IndiGo is currently India’s largest airline, with a large fleet of currently 380 aircraft. This is broken down as, 45 ATR 72-600s, 37 Airbus A320s, 196 Airbus A320neos, three Airbus A321P2Fs, 97 Airbus A321neos and two Boeing 777-300ERs.

The carrier also has a further five ATR 72-600s, one Airbus A321P2F, 258 A320neos, 605 A321neos, 69 A321XLRs and 30 A350-900s on order.

Authority Comments

Commenting on the news with IndiGo, The Minister for Transport, Antony Derjacques, says. “The intent expressed by IndiGo to launch direct flights to Seychelles represents a significant milestone in our efforts to enhance connectivity and foster strong bilateral relations with India.”

“We are excited about the potential for increased tourism and business opportunities that this new route will bring.”

Also, the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), Garry Albert, says. “The operation of IndiGo to Seychelles will represent a milestone achievement in our air transport development, connecting Seychelles to the geographically vast and rich nation of India via Mumbai.”

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