Gulf Air Airbus A320 Bound for Athens Diverts to Baghdad

LONDON – A Gulf Air Airbus A320 bound for Athens from Bahrain has diverted to Baghdad Airport, Iraq.

GF41, which was being operated by A9C-AI, one of the airline’s Airbus A320s, has squawked 7700, which represents a general emergency onboard.

It is currently unclear what the emergency is at this present time, but it’s serious enough to cause a divert nearly two hours into its flight.

At the time of writing, the aircraft entered a hold to get down to approach altitudes as quickly as possible, with the ADS-B data below showing this, as per

The aircraft is expected to land in the next few minutes.

This is a developing story.

UPDATE #1 @ 0917 UK time – GF41 has entered a hold just short of the approach path for Baghdad Airport.

UPDATE #2 @ 0918 UK time – GF41 is now on final approach into Baghdad, and clearance was given to land by ATC.

UPDATE #3 @ 0922 UK time – GF41 has now landed in Baghdad safely, monitoring ATC for an indication of the reason for the emergency.

UPDATE #4 @ 0924 UK time – GF41 was asked by ATC if they need an ambulance or fire truck, to which they replied: “No, everything is fine onboard”, so potentially a pressurization issue?

UPDATE #5 @ 0930 UK time – GF41 has arrived safely onto stand following its divert into Baghdad just now. AviationSource has approached Gulf Air for comment.

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