Flyr and Norse Atlantic announce ticket sales collaboration

A Flyr jet approaches to land.
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LONDON – Norway’s two newest startup airlines, Flyr and Norse Atlantic have announced a new cooperation in ticket sales, making tickets with Flyr available through Norse Atlantic and Dohop, an API-based technology deliverer which will automatically find the best options and schedules for travellers eager to visit more of Norway than just Oslo, or reverse.

The cooperation details

In a press release issued by Flyr on December 6, the announcement of ticket sales cooperation with startup long haul low cost carrer Norse Atlantic Airways, comes into focus.

The cooperation of these ticket sales will be done through Dohop, a technology deliverer servicing with an API based technology, designed to find the best connections and price for the customers.

Summarized, airline tickets with Flyr enables customers to have a seamless transition of flights to the United States with Norse, and vice versa.


Commercial Director of Flyr, Thomas Ramdahl, said the following on the announcement: “At Flyr, we are pleased that through our partnership with Norse Atlantic Airways and Dohop, we will be able to offer loyal customers and new customers access to a number of popular destinations in the United States.”

“In addition, the cooperation contributes to increased distribution and presence in international platforms.”

Zoe Osborne, leader of commercial cooperations at Norse Atlantic Airways, also commented, stating:

“We are very excited to expand our offer to our customers. Combined with our previously announced airline partners, we will now be able to offer even greater choice and comfort for customers wishing to travel from Europe to the US and vice versa.”

Last to comment is Sara Hanan, Commercial Director at Dohop, who said:

“We are thrilled to bring together two forward-thinking airlines such as Norse Atlantic Airways and Flyr with this cost-effective solution, which facilitates growth, new commercial opportunities and will give travelers across Europe and North America greater choices.”

The two airlines in 2022

The year 2022 has definitely been a hectic year for both carriers, with Norse Atlantic Airways commencing operations in mid-June of this year, and Flyr getting quite the rough start to Q4 of their first full year of operations. To summarize it all, here are some interesting news to look back at this year:-

  • Norse Atlantic Airways Commences Commercial Operations

On June 14, the Norwegian Low Cost Long Haul carrier Norse Atlantic, embarked on their first flight in commercial operations from Oslo Gardermoen (OSL) to New York JFK Int’l Airport (JFK).

Since its founding in February of 2021, this day was an awaited one, especially with the carrier taking delivery of their first aircraft in late December of 2021.

Since then, aircraft deliveries for Norse Atlantic happened regularly and the aircraft delivered remained stored until the launch of operations, which then as mentioned, took place on June 14, with the flight departing two hours late.

In late September, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), granted Norse Atlantic an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) along with an Operating License (OL), giving the carrier possibilities and a green light to commence with non-stop flights between the UK and their Gatwick Airport destination, and the United States.

  • Norse Atlantic Unveils New Route Between Paris and New York

Announced by Norse Atlantic on November 29, the carrier unveiled details of the new route connecting Paris with New York, starting March 26, 2023. All flights operated by their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft

  • Flyr Takes Critical Action to Reduce Costs Over The Winter Season

On October 5, Flyr, Norway’s newest Low Cost Carrier (LCC) announced their plans on cost saving through the winter season, leaving a huge part of the company staff furloughed and multiple routes temporarily terminated.

  • Flyr Approached Deadline-Day and Failed To Raise Enough Equity

In early November, Norwegian carrier Flyr was at the verge of bankruptcy, and had to collect 430 million NOK in emergency equity to remain afloat. The deadline was set to 16:00 Norwegian time on November 8, which they failed to raise enough equity by.

Flyr received an alternative offer from investors, which they agreed to take, leaving the company safe for the upcoming winter season. All flights after the agreement, were announced to continue operations as scheduled.

  • Flyr’s CEO Tonje Wiktrøm Frislid Resigns

On November 25, Flyr’s first CEO, Tonje Wikstrøm Frislid reportedly resigned, leaving the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Brede Huse, as the new CEO of the airline, starting with immediate effect.

Final words from Tonje Wiktrøm Frislid before leaving, were:-

“It has been a privilege to accompany and build this fantastic airline together with the industry’s best people. Flyr now enters a new phase, and I have come to the hard decision that it is natural for me to pass the business on to someone else.”

“I am very proud of what we have created together, and I’m very sure Flyr will pass through these hard times, I am also convinced of the Norwegian people needing a company that cares about the customers and employees. Thank you to everyone who has cheered on us, and me.”

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