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Emirates Given The Crown Of “World’s Safest Airline”

LONDON – Emirates has been crowned as the safest airline in the world by Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC).

The Middle Eastern carrier has been ranked amongst 25 airlines, outperforming the global competition by an outstanding risk index of 95.05% in JACDEC’s survey hosted for Aero International, an acclaimed aviation magazine.

Following Emirates, KLM performed at 93.31%, JetBlue at 91.61%, and Delta Air Lines at 91.55%, with LCC EasyJet claiming its position at 91.28%.

However, on regional performance levels, Etihad Airways has outperformed Emirates, which was had not been part of the Global Ranking Index due to its fleet size.

JACDEC introduced regional rankings for the first time to provide platforms for the airlines on a regional level. Commenting on the regional ranking, JACDEC founder Jan-Arwed Richter said that “Primarily due to the changed size rations, which shifted in favor of many airlines with strong domestic markets such as China or the U.S.”

In the European region, KLM has been leading the race with 93.31%, with Finnair following at 93.16%, Air Europa at 93.12%, Transavia position itself at 92.83, EasyJet at 91.28% and lastly Norwegian claiming 6th position at 90.95%.

JACDEC also appreciated that, despite sustaining the biggest financial losses in the history of aviation due to pandemics, with nearly US$200 billion loss spreading across two years, the airlines are still maintaining their standards and safety to assure its passengers and stakeholders.

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