Dieter Vranckx Appointed as New Chairperson of Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines aircraft parked at the airport terminal.
Photo Credit: Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is set for a leadership change. From July 1, 2024, Dieter Vranckx stepped into the role of chairperson of the board at SN Airholding, the parent company of Brussels Airlines.

This move marks a significant shift in the airline’s top management. Vranckx will take over from Christina Foerster, who is departing from the Lufthansa Group.

This change at the top comes at a crucial time for Brussels Airlines as it navigates the post-pandemic aviation landscape.

Dieter Vranckx Background

Born in 1973, Dieter Vranckx is a Belgian national with deep roots in the aviation industry. His career began in 1998 at Sabena as a Management Trainee.

Vranckx’s educational background includes a commercial engineer diploma and an MBA from the prestigious Solvay business school in Brussels.

Throughout his career, Vranckx has held various positions within the Lufthansa Group. He joined Brussels Airlines in 2018, initially as Chief Financial Officer before becoming CEO.

In 2021, he took on the role of CEO at Swiss, another Lufthansa Group airline.

Dieter Vranckx, chairperson of Brussels Airlines.

Outline of New Roles

Recently, Lufthansa Group announced Vranckx’s appointment to its Executive Board. Starting July 1, he will oversee Global Markets and Commercial Steering Hubs.

In addition to this role, Vranckx will chair the board of SN Airholding.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Vranckx gave comment on the appointment. “Brussels Airlines has been an important part of my career. I am happy to return as chairperson to the board of SN Airholding.”

“It’s wonderful to see how far the airline has come, and what an exciting future this airline has ahead.”

Brussels Airlines five new Airbus A320neo's parked in a line.

About Brussels Airlines

Brussels Airlines is Belgium’s national carrier and a key player in the European aviation market. Founded in 2002, it emerged from the ashes of Sabena, Belgium’s former national airline.

The airline serves as a vital link between Brussels, the capital of Europe, and destinations across Europe, Africa, and North America.

As a member of the Lufthansa Group since 2016, the carrier has benefited from being part of a larger aviation network.

The airline is known for its focus on passenger comfort, punctuality, and its unique Belgian touch, often showcasing the country’s culture and cuisine on board.

First Flight to Vienna: Brussels Airlines' First Airbus A320neo

Brussels Airlines operates a fleet of modern Airbus aircraft, including A319s, A320s, and A330s for long-haul flights.

The airline has been working on enhancing its sustainability efforts, investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and exploring innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

With its hub at Brussels Airport, the airline plays a crucial role in connecting passengers from across Europe to Africa, where it has a strong network.

This Africa-focused strategy has been a key differentiator for Brussels Airlines in the competitive European airline market.

As Dieter Vranckx takes on his new role, industry observers will be keen to see how his leadership and experience will shape the future of Brussels Airlines in an ever-evolving aviation landscape.

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