Cathay Pacific signs purchase agreement for SAF with Aemetis

A Cathay Pacific A350 climbs after takeoff.
Photo Credit: Charlie Carter/AviationSource

LONDON – Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific (CX) has signed a purchase agreement with Aemetis for 38 million US gallons (172.7mn Liters) of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The deliveries will be happening over seven years beginning in 2025.

Reduction in carbon emissions

Cathay Pacific (CX) is the latest airline to come to a purchase agreement for blended Sustainable Aviation Fuel, which is set to be delivered over seven years, starting in 2025 from San Francisco Int’l Airport (SFO).

The SAF fuel is a blended mixture, containing 40% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), whilst the remaining 60% consists of Jet A-1 aviation fuel.

The SAF currently ordered by Cathay Pacific (CX) is capable of reducing more than 80.000 tonnes of lifecycle carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the carbon levels sequestered by more than 1.3 million tree seedlings grown for 10 years, it’s said in the Cathay Pacific official Press Release.

The agreement also takes part in the joint procurement initiative for SAF by the OneWorld alliance, where Cathay Pacific (CX) is a founding member.

Aemetis will produce the Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) at their Carbon Zero plant which is currently being developed in Riverbank, California, and the facilities will combine wastes and non-edible sustainable oils with waste wood, before converting it to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Aemetis Chairman and CEO, Eric McAfee, commented on the agreement with Cathay, saying:- “The use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel by Cathay Pacific is another step by the OneWorld Alliance towards lowering the environmental impact of aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuel is an immediate solution to the decarbonisation of air travel and cargo flights, without requiring extensive new fuelling infrastructure or the expensive replacement of planes.”

Target net-zero by 2050

The purchase agreement between Cathay and Aemetis sets full power in the airline’s commitment to addressing climate change.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cathay Pacific, Augustus Tang, said the following on the agreement:- “Cathay Pacific continues to reaffirm its commitment to addressing climate change despite these challenging times. In the past few years, we have announced our carbon net-zero by 2050 target and our goal of achieving 10% use of SAF by 2030.”

“In doing this, we have built a robust SAF procurement strategy to help meet our goals. We are pleased that this agreement with Aemetis will contribute to that effort, and we hope it will also send the right signal to the SAF industry to encourage the much-needed investment and scaling up of its supply chain.”

Aemetis is a Cupertino, CA, USA-based renewable gas, fuel and biochemical company focusing on the acquisition, development and commercialisation of innovative technologies that replace petroleum-based products and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Latest SAF agreement, right after…

Cathay Pacific (CX) becomes the latest airline to announce its SAF acquisition agreement, right after Irish Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) Ryanair (FR).

Ryanair recently signed a 160.000-ton Sustainable Aviation Fuel deal with OMV, which will supply SAF to the airports Ryanair operates from in Germany, Austria and Romania.


As airlines strive in the mission of reducing their carbon emissions, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF, comes to a great aid and is a big step forward in the journey of achieving sustainable air travel.

With the introduction of SAF in the aviation market, airlines are appearing to show high interest, and Cathay Pacific is no exception with this enormous agreement and quantity of SAF they have agreed upon.

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