Cathay Pacific set to boost flights after Hong Kong lifts further restrictions

A Cathay Pacific Boeing 773 in flight., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

OSLO – Hong Kong carrier, Cathay Pacific (CX), has announced they are going to boost flights after the Hong Kong government have said they will be lifting restrictions, the most noticeable one being the removal of hotel quarantine.

The boost in flights will act as a hope for Hong Kong tourism to return to normal, pre-Covid levels, as well as further updates in frequency for Cathay Pacific.

Increased frequency

As the Hong Kong government are now deciding to lift more restrictions, Cathay Pacific (CX) see light in the tunnel and the possibility of increasing flight frequency, to help boost the sentiment for travel, gradually increasing the travel activities and strengthening the network connectivity from their Hong Kong (HKG) hub.

Cathay Pacific intends to add more than 200 passenger flight-pairs in October, to both long-haul and regional destinations. With especially Japan as no exception.

As Japan has also calmed down on their Covid-19 restrictions, Cathay Pacific are aiming on resuming daily flights to Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport (HND) from November 1st, as well as continuing their four-times-a-week service to Sapporo International Airport (SPK), from December 1st.

Further flights to Japan are also set to get an increase, with the flight frequency to Tokyo’s Narita Int’l Airport (NRT) to 43 pairs, and 50 pairs to Osaka Int’l Airport (ITM), further in October.

Hard hit during Covid

Airlines, as well as the aviation industry in general, were hit hard during Covid, and Cathay Pacific is no exception as it is the biggest airline flying out and in of Hong Kong International Airport (HKG). Along with other Hong Kong based carriers, Cathay Pacific (CX) were forced to reduce capacity massively as Covid hit.

The Honk Kong government have had “extreme” countermeasures and restrictions for over two years due to he Covid pandemic, which hit everyone of us all back in early 2020. Flying in and out of Hong Kong became a nightmare for crew members, as they had to be tested regularly and quarantining at dedicated quarantine-facilities.

As the government are now calming down on these restrictions, along with others, Cathay Pacific may see an increase in demand rapidly, and hopefully turn profits in a short amount of time.

Cathay Pacific SAF-deal

Cathay Pacific (CX) recently made themselves known in the market of Sustainable Aviation Fuel, or SAF, as the airline signed a purchase agreement with California based, Aemetis, for 38 million US gallons (172.7mil litres) SAF.

The purchase will be a part in helping the Net-Zero by 2050-commitment Cathay Pacific are working to reach.


The lift on even more restrictions, will most likely be a major relief for Cathay Pacific, along with other Hong Kong carriers, as they can now somewhat increase capacity. Cathay Pacific seem to be pushing light, but at the same time big, as we can see by their “expansion” plans.

Although unlikely, it’s not impossible that Hong Kong can push out restrictions again if the Covid numbers get too high. Nevertheless, it’s a great sign and the airlines are hopefully thinking the same.

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