BREAKING: All Comair Flights Grounded by SA CAA

Photo: Comair Boeing 737. Photo Credit: By indeedous/Wikimedia Commons, Attribution,

LONDON – The South African Civil Aviation Authority has grounded all Comair flights for at least 24 hours with the aviation authority saying that passengers should check with the airline before traveling to get the latest information on their options for travel.

In a statement, Comair said: “All passengers booked for Saturday 12 March 2022 are advised not to travel to the airport unless you are able to make a booking on an alternate carrier,”

“Comair deeply regrets the inconvenience caused and we are doing our utmost to restore our operations as soon as possible.”

The decision has been undertaken after the airline has suffered three inflight emergencies the last month, however, the airline does not believe that there is any justification for this decision and that it would be speaking to the CAA in order to find out more details for the decision.

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