Bali Year-Round: Air New Zealand Extends Flight Service

An Air New Zealand 787 in flight.
Photo Credit: Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has expanded its non-stop Bali services to include summer months for the very first time. This means you can now book a direct flight to this tropical paradise any time of year.

To celebrate this exciting development, Air New Zealand is offering special sale fares to Bali, starting from just $699 one way.

Bali Hai! The Indonesian Allure

The airline has expanded its non-stop Bali services to encompass the coveted summer months for the first time.

This move caters to the ever-increasing popularity of Bali as a holiday destination for New Zealanders, offering year-round access to this Indonesian paradise.

Leanne Geraghty, Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer, highlights the rationale behind the expansion.

“Bali’s enduring appeal lies in its diverse offerings. From enriching cultural experiences and delectable cuisine to world-class surfing, tranquil relaxation, and thrilling adventures. Bali caters to every traveller’s desire.”

“Expanding our Bali services was a natural progression to meet the strong demand from our customers.”

This enhanced accessibility is particularly beneficial for those planning summer getaways. As the sole airline offering direct flights between New Zealand and Bali, Air New Zealand eliminates the need for stopovers.

This ensuring a smooth journey for those seeking a relaxed Christmas or New Year escape.

Exploring Bali Throughout the Year

Air New Zealand’s reported growth in passenger demand is evident in the increased frequency of flights during peak season.

With over 800 seats available each week between November and February, travellers have more opportunities than ever to explore the multifaceted beauty of Bali.

This expansion follows the strong booking trends observed since the service’s relaunch in March 2023, with this year’s seasonal flights proving even more popular.

For travellers planning getaways outside peak season, Air New Zealand maintains a consistent service schedule throughout the year:

  • April to October: 5-7 flights per week
  • November to mid-February: 3 flights per week
  • Mid-February to March: 2 flights per week

This diversified schedule ensures convenient access to Bali regardless of the season, allowing travellers to tailor their trip based on their preferences and budget.

Beyond Bali

Air New Zealand goes beyond offering a seamless pathway to Bali. The airline takes pride in its modern fleet, boasting an average aircraft age of just 7.3 years.

Air New Zealand boasts a robust domestic network, seamlessly connecting you to 20 regions within New Zealand.

Internationally, the airline offers direct flights to major cities across Australia, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the US.

Through its strong partnerships with other airlines, Air New Zealand extends its reach, offering convenient connections to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

This comprehensive network has made Air New Zealand a compelling choice for travellers seeking a gateway to explore the globe.

Sustainability Takes Flight

Air New Zealand acknowledges the importance of environmental responsibility. The airline has established a comprehensive Sustainability Framework that guides its efforts in tackling environmental challenges.

This framework outlines concrete steps to minimize the airline’s environmental footprint, ensuring a more sustainable future for air travel.

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By Len Varley - Assistant Editor 4 Min Read
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