Aviation Capital Group delivers A320neo to JetSMART

A JetSMART A320neo parked at Santiago, Chile.
Sky KoreSCL, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LONDON – Aircraft lessor Aviation Capital Group (ACG), has announced the successful delivery of one Airbus A320neo aircraft to Chilean airline JetSMART. The aircraft is on a long-term lease agreement, and comes from Aviation Capital Group’s orderbook with the manufacturer, Airbus.

The delivery

In a recent announcement, Aviation Capital Group, an international aircraft lessor, announced the delivery of one PW1127GA-JM powered Airbus A320neo to the Chilean carrier JetSMART.

The carrier currently has a fleet of seven Airbus A320neo aircraft, according to data from Planespotters.net

On the delivery announcement, Marine Benoit, ACG Vice President Marketing for the Latin American region, stated: “We are pleased to continue developing our partnership with JetSMART with this A320neo delivery. We are honored to support JetSMART’s fleet expansion with this modern, fuel-efficient aircraft.”

Estuardo Ortiz, Chief Executive Officer at JetSMART, also commented the delivery, saying: “This new A320neo, with the most efficient and advanced technology, shows our commitment to the development of our sustainable ultra-low-cost business in South America. One more step closer to our goal of 100 aircraft by 2028,”

JetSMART’s longer fleet addition – A great scoop?

Besides the Airbus A320neo aircraft, the Chilean carrier has also taken deliveries of the longer Airbus A321neo, increasing capacity by some.

JetSMART is a Chilean Low-Cost Carrier, and although they operate with a low-cost model, their fleet consists of a great amount of Airbus aircraft, with some of them being really modern aircraft types.

All equipped with 186 economy seats, jetSMART (their subsidiaries included), operates a fleet of 11 Airbus A320-200ceo, and six state-of the-art Airbus A320neo. The A320neo in comparison to its predecessor, the A320ceo, offers just the same key features as the A321neo aircraft that jetSMART are now taking deliveries of.

Their A320neo’s are fitted with sharklets, as is standard on newer Airbus narrowbodies, and are also powered by Pratt & Whitney engines, which generate a significantly less amount of fuel and CO2 emissions, just as it also reduces noise, making passenger comfort significantly greater.

Though, JetSMART seems to be taking advantage of a mixed fleet in the A320 type, as they recently took delivery of an A320-200ceo in September of this year, according to data from Planespotters.net.

They do also however have a further one Airbus A320neo on order which will be delivered at an unspecified time.
The current A321neos of JetSMART carries 240 seats in an all-economy configuration and is all factory new.

As with the A320neo series the airline also operates, the key elements of this aircraft type are the engines, sharklets and the reductions in carbon emissions they create compared to previous generation aircraft of the type.

With the ability to carry 54 more passengers than on their A320neo and A320ceo, in a single flight, the A321neo secures a higher passenger number and reduced emissions all at once, something that is possible to have a benefit on JetSMART, as well as every
other A321neo operator.


JetSMART continues to grow their fleet at a great pace, and with one A320neo scheduled for delivery in later time, JetSMART will be carrying eight of the type.

As the JetSMART CEO mentioned, the delivery of this and the upcoming aircraft, makes the airline go one step closer to their goal of having 100 aircraft by year 2028.

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