Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge vs Lufthansa’s HON Circle Schengen Lounge: A Comparative Photo Review

VIENNAAviationSource got the opportunity to test out the Austrian Business Class Lounge and Lufthansa’s HON Circle Schengen lounge in Vienna as a comparative review.

This article is sponsored by Austrian Airlines. I was granted complimentary access to the HON Circle Lounge for this review.

Austrian Airlines Business Class Lounge Vienna

The Austrian Business Class Lounge in the Schengen Terminal at Vienna is a newly modernized, very stylish, and colorful Lounge, which hosts all passengers with a Business Class Ticket on a Star Alliance flight or Miles and More Frequent Travellers, as well as Star Alliance Gold passengers.

It features multiple seating options, a dining area, washrooms, a big bar area, and even showers. The lounge also offers a meeting room and a silent area. The seating areas are very colorful, featuring green and red seats/chairs.

During my stay at the lounge in the evening, the dining area offered a wide variety of appetizers, bread, and desserts, as well as two different main courses.

The main courses were served by the lounge staff. You could mix them up as you liked and they got everything ready for you. The food was served fresh and tasty and was refilled multiple times throughout my stay.

I went with the roasted pork, noodles, and gravy which tasted very good. A cake as dessert and Almdudler and Gin Tonic as my drink choices completed this perfect meal.

It’s worth mentioning that the glasses offered were bigger compared to other Lufthansa Lounges, which I really appreciated. At some times the lounge got quite crowded, but the staff was always doing their best to keep the lounge clean.

Hon Circle Lounge Vienna Schengen

The Hon Circle Lounge is only a small room, which hosts all Lufthansa First Class passengers and HON Circle Members.

The facility was way smaller than the business class lounge, which made it feel very private. The Lounge offered different seating areas, a workstation, a “nap room” and a dining area.

The food/drink offering in the lounge didn’t differ a lot from the offering in the business class lounge.

The only difference is we’re a couple more drink options as well as some more appetizers and desserts.

During my stay in the lounge, I realized that the guests in the Hon Circle Lounge are always picked up by the lounge staff when it is time to leave for their flight – what a neat gesture!

Overall Review – Which Is Better?

While both lounges have pretty much the same food offering, which I found a little bit disappointing, the service and privacy you get in the HON Circle Lounge are unbeatable.

The Business Class Lounge is hands down one of the best Schengen lounges I’ve been to, the food variety was great and nothing can beat a cold almdudler with an apron view!

While the exclusivity of the HON Circle Lounge makes it quite special and unbeatable, the Business Class Lounge, hands down, was awesome! Great job from Austrian Airlines!

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