American Airlines & JetBlue Remove COVID-19 References from Ads, United Doesn’t Follow Competitors

Photo: AA
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MILAN - The pandemic disappears from American Airlines and JetBlue ads as if to suggest a return to normality. Meanwhile, the total spending on campaigns has dropped significantly and airlines are pushing for a change of the message. According to advertising company Billups, the U.S. out-of-home market declined by $1.3B in total ad revenues, dropping from $8B in 2019 to $6.7B in 2020. Thus, the global lockdown has accelerated the transition to digital, social platforms, and streaming services that are expected to increase 8-12 percent in 2021 (Jan, 2021). However, ads in the travel industry, one of the most affected by the pandemic, remain in a regressive phase. Advertising sales intelligence company MediaRadar stated that "airlin
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Alessio Olivetti

UK-based journalist, analyst, private pilot.

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