Akasa Air Unveils Its Branding, Including New Livery

LONDON – Indian start-up carrier Akasa Air has unveiled its branding, which includes a new livery and new logo.

This comes as the airline prepares to begin operations in the short term.

The Rising A is inspired by elements from the sky. It symbolizes the warmth of the rising sun, the effortless flight of a bird, and the dependability of an aircraft wing.

‘It’s Your Sky’ is the brand’s promise to embrace everyone and to create an inclusive environment for all Indians regardless of their socio-economic or cultural backgrounds.

It is a powerful pledge of ownership, promise, and possibilities that accompany each traveler on their journeys.

The brand colors, ‘Sunrise Orange’ and ‘Passionate Purple’ reflect the airline’s warm, youthful, and respectful nature.

Commenting on the news was Vinay Dube, the Akasa Air Founder, MD, and CEO who explained the reasoning behind the branding.

“Translating our purpose to serve every traveler with an innovative yet simple alternative required a modern and confident symbol. The Akasa Air brand identity encapsulates the collective spirit of flying and the individual pursuit of dreams for each of us”.

“It is our promise to all, regardless of backgrounds or beliefs, that it’s your sky, your dreams, your passions, and your personal journey, and Akasa Air is honored to be a part of it.”

Vinay Dube, chief executive officer, Akasa Air, and Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and chief executive officer, after Akasa Air ordered (72) 737 MAX airplanes to build its fleet.

The airline also placed an order for 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft back at the Dubai Air Show earlier this year, which raised considerable eyebrows.

Akasa Air’s order of 72 jets will consist of 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 200 Gamechanger aircraft, as the low-cost carrier aims for fast penetration of the Indian low-cost market.

Commenting on the deal at that time was Stan Deal, Boeing Commercial Airplanes President, and CEO who expressed great honor over the deal:

“We are honored that Akasa Air, an innovative airline focused on customer experience and environmental sustainability, has placed its trust in the 737 families to drive affordable passenger service in one of the world’s fastest-growing aviation regions”.

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